How to Watch Mayor of Kingstown

Mayor Kingstown

Is Mayor of Kingstown on amazon prime?

Prime Video: Mayor of Kingstown Season 1.

Mayor of Kingstown is a new show from the executive producer of Breaking Bad, starring Matt Bomer and ground breaking visually stunning cinematography. It is not yet available to watch, but you won’t have to wait long. Here is how you can watch Mayor of Kingstown.

Step 1: Subscribe to The Peacock TV Streaming Service

The Peacock streaming service carries Mayor of Kingstown in its original form. To watch Mayor of Kingstown, you will need to subscribe to The Peacock TV. You can sign up and pay for the service through the Peacock website or on their app.

Step 2: Choose an Appropriate Plan

Once you have subscribed to The Peacock TV streaming service, you will need to choose an appropriate plan. The Peacock offers three plans:

  • Peacock Free: allows you to watch shows with commercials
  • Peacock Premium: allows you to watch shows without commercials but some restricted content
  • Peacock Premium Plus: allows you to watch all content without commercials

Step 3: Watch Mayor of Kingstown

Once you have subscribed to The Peacock and chosen an appropriate plan, you will be able to watch Mayor of Kingstown. The show is available for streaming on The Peacock website or app.