How To Watch On Patrol: Live

Can I watch On Patrol: Live on Amazon Prime?

According to the Reelz website, you do not get On Patrol: Live if you subscribe to Reelz on Amazon Prime, Fire TV, Roku, or any other free streaming television service.

How to Watch On Patrol: Live


On Patrol: Live is a streaming service dedicated to helping law enforcement officers and agencies keep the public informed and safe. By streaming events and breaking news on a daily basis, On Patrol: Live brings officers and their community closer together.

Steps to Watch On Patrol: Live

Step 1: Select an account type

To watch On Patrol: Live, first choose which account type you would like. You can select “Agency”, “Agent”, or “Individual Officer” depending on your role and relationship with your local law enforcement agency.

Step 2: Signup

You will then be taken to On Patrol: Live’s sign up page, where you will fill out your first name, last name, email address, and select a password to create your account.

Step 3: Log in and search

After your account has been created, you can then log in and start searching for events and breaking news in your local community. On Patrol: Live offers a variety of streams to choose from:

  • Local Police Streams
  • Crime Scene Streams
  • Citizen Journalist Streams
  • Commoner Streams
  • Law Enforcement Streams

Step 4: Subscribe and start watching

Once you have found the streams you want to watch, you can subscribe to them and start watching On Patrol: Live.


How many streams can I watch?
On Patrol: Live offers unlimited streaming of local police, crime scene, citizen journalist, commoner, and law enforcement streams.

Is there a fee to watch?
No, On Patrol: Live is a free service.

Can I access On Patrol: Live on my mobile device?
Yes, On Patrol: Live is available on both iOS and Android mobile devices.


On Patrol: Live is the perfect streaming service for law enforcement officers and agencies looking to stay connected to their local communities. With its wide array of streams, hassle-free sign up process, and free usage, On Patrol: Live is sure to provide a valuable resource for cops and citizens alike.