How to watch Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime

How to Watch Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime


If you are a sports enthusiast, you have more options now given that you can live stream some games for free especially football. This means that you can watch several “Thursday Night Football” online for absolutely free through Amazon Prime. This is attributed to the fact that Amazon and NFL have entered a partnership that allows the former to live stream eleven “Thursday Night Football” tournaments on Amazon Prime. The following details will give you an insight into what you need to know in order for you to watch “Thursday Night Football” on TV or online for free.

“Thursday Night Football”

The “Thursday Night Football” (TNF) is always scheduled to start at 8:20 p.m. Eastern Time (ET). The “TNF” is aired on a mix of Fox and NFL television network. This is due to the fact that Amazon has just acquired the rights to live stream only eleven games that will be airing on Fox. But as Fox television broadcast features Troy Aikman and Joe Buck as their announcers, the Amazon Prime, on the other hand, will feature Hannah Storm and Andrea Kremer as their first ever all-female cast to oversee the broadcast of an NFL game. The following schedule of the remaining games can be watched freely on the Amazon Prime:

● November 1- Oakland Raiders versus San Francisco 49ers
● November 8- Carolina Panthers versus Pittsburgh Steelers
● November 15- Green Bay Packers versus Seattle Seahawks
● November 29- New Orleans Saints versus Dallas Cowboys
● December 6- Jacksonville Jaguars versus Tennessee Titans
● December 13- Los Angeles Chargers versus Kansas City Chiefs

For you to live stream these games via Amazon, you need to be a member of the Amazon Prime. This is a subscription service which includes a 2-day free shipping on almost all Amazon purchases including plus perks such as unlimited streaming of some music and videos. The subscription costs around $119 per annum or $ 12.99 monthly with a 30-day free trial included.

How to watch “TNF” for free on television

Those games that are available for the free live streaming on the Amazon Prime are as well broadcast on Fox stations. You can verify this through your cable TV package or the basic satellite TV by simply finding and watching “Thursday Night Football” for absolutely free.

But if you do not have a cable TV you can still watch the games for free on your TV through the use of the digital antenna. Once you connect the antenna to your TV, you will receive free and unlimited access to some networks such as Fox, ABC and NBC in most of the countries.

Other means you can live stream “TNF” for free

There are two applications which will enable you to live stream NFL games on your smartphone for free. These are NFL App and Yahoo Sports App which will help you to live stream some games during this 2018 NFL season. The following games can be live streamed for free. They include:
● Locally broadcast games on Sundays which may include those that feature the home team within your region
● Nationally televised prime-time games like NBC for “Sunday Night Football”
● ESPN, “Monday Night Football”
● All “Thursday Night Football” games.

Also, there is another way you can watch “TNF” online. This is made possible by the way of streaming television services like Hulu Live, Fubo TV, DirecTV Now, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue and YouTube TV. Mostly, these services include the local broadcasts of the stations such as CBS and Fox through their packages. These channels have free trial periods that come with their packages and they may cover between five and seven days especially if you are a new subscriber.

Therefore, you can register in order to watch ” Thursday Night Football” online through your local Fox channel before checking out the services for a couple of days. These services, in this case, should encompass the free trial time frame. However, you should keep at the back of your mind the need for cancelling those services prior to the ending of the free trial if your intention is not to become a subscriber. On the other hand, if you decide to become the paying subscriber for the services, you will choose the subscription between $25 to $45 for every month in relation to the package or the service provider. After all, you will find watching “Thursday Night Football” to be quite fun via the Amazon Prime.