How to watch tlc without cable? Everything You Should Know!

How to Watch TLC without Cable?

Over the last years, streaming services became extremely popular that many users are choosing to stream instead of paying for cable TV. With its increased fame, streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu also rise along with services that stream live TV. Live stream TV is available with affordable internet services that offer a wide array of channels including TLC.

Before we show you how to watch tlc without cable, let’s learn what TLC stands for.

What is the TLC?

TLC, also known The Learning Channel, is a TV network that sets an amazing example of how the cable television evolved over the years. Originally the meant to air education TV shows, TLC was a joint project of Department of Education and NASA in the 1970s. After privatizing the first incarnation of the network, TLC found its way to cable services.

During that time, it aired documentary shows on history, science and technology. At the same time, the network aired “how-to” programming.  By 1900s, The Learning Channel became the TLC after a rebranding.  Since then, the channel earned a much broader appeal to the audience that it even launched some famous artists to stardom and shows that became household name.

Watch TLC through Live Streaming

There are different live stream services like YouTube TV, Hulu with TV and fuboTV. Each of these services has their benefits and selling points. However, if you like to watch TLC, these are not the live streaming services for you. To stream TLC, you need DirecTV Now and PlayStation Vue, streaming services that carry the channel TLC.

DirecTV Now

One of the best ways you can watch TLC without cable is through the streaming service DirectTV Now. At an affordable price of only $35 per month, you can now have access to wide array of TV networks besides TLC. You can watch TV shows and programming from networks such as CNN, AMC, TNT, USA, Discovery Channel, BBC American, History Channel and WGN.

In some locations, DirecTV Now also allows you to receive local channels. It is more exciting that DirecTV allow you to add HBO to the list of channels you can watch for only an addition $5 per month. You can use the streaming service in wide array of streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV and a lot others, which they add all the time.

PlayStation Vue

Another of the streaming services that allow you to watch TLC is PlayStation Vue. It features large lineup of networks and has great support for local TV networks. One of the particular interests you would like about PlayStation Vue is its ability to support up to 5 simultaneous streams. There are different subscription plans for PlayStation Vue, which include:

  • Access – $39.99 for 45 channels/month
  • Core – $44.99 for 60 channels/month
  • Elite – $54.99 for 84 channels a month
  • Ultra – $74.99 for 87 channels with Showtime and HBO/month

You can use the PlayStation Vue app in wide array of streaming platforms including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Android TV, Roku, Android phones, iOS, Amazon Fire Tablets, PlayStation 3 and 4 as well as desktop browsers Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge. These two offers some of the best ways you can watch TLC without cable.

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