How to Watch Unprisoned

Is Unprisoned available for free or do I need to pay to watch it?


Unprisoned is a documentary film that explores the impact of mass incarceration in the United States. The film features interviews with formerly incarcerated individuals, their families, and advocates for criminal justice reform. If you are interested in watching Unprisoned, there are several ways to do so.

Where to Watch Unprisoned

  • Streaming: Unprisoned is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video and Vimeo On Demand.
  • DVD: You can purchase a DVD of Unprisoned on the film’s official website or on Amazon.
  • Screenings: Unprisoned may be screened at film festivals, community events, and other venues. Check the film’s official website or social media pages for upcoming screenings.


Is Unprisoned appropriate for all audiences?

Unprisoned contains strong language and descriptions of violence and trauma related to incarceration. Viewer discretion is advised.
How long is Unprisoned?

The film has a runtime of approximately 75 minutes.
Can I host a screening of Unprisoned?

Yes, you can host a screening of Unprisoned. Visit the film’s official website for more information on how to organize a screening.
Are there any resources available for further learning about mass incarceration?

Yes, the Unprisoned website includes a list of resources for those interested in learning more about criminal justice reform and related issues.


Watching Unprisoned can be an eye-opening experience that sheds light on the devastating effects of mass incarceration in the United States. Whether you choose to stream the film, purchase a DVD, or attend a screening, you will be supporting important conversations about criminal justice reform and the need for change.

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