Hulu Live Audio Out Of Sync

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How do I fix streaming audio lag?

If you are experiencing audio lag, you can adjust the audio delay in the app settings. In the app, go to Settings > Output > Audio Delay, and you can adjust the audio delay between 300ms = 0.3 sec. You may need to experiment and test your adjustments to precisely sync the audio and video.

Audio Out Of Sync On Hulu Live

Many people enjoy streaming content from Hulu Live and using the service, but lately there has been an issue with audio out of sync on some devices. This can be a major hindrance when you’re trying to watch shows and movies, as the audio being slightly off makes it unpleasant to watch. Here are some tips to try if you are experiencing this issue:

Restart Streaming Device

  • First, try restarting your streaming device. This will often fix the issue, as it will reset all the settings and software.
  • After restarting your device, make sure you launch Hulu Live from a browser other than your streaming device. This can help, as browsers tend to be more up to date than the built-in Hulu Live app.
  • If you are using an Amazon Firestick, try going into the settings and disabling the HDMI audio sync. This has been known to fix the issue.

Adjust Video Settings

Sometimes the issue may be caused by your video settings. Try adjusting the frame rate, resolution, and/or bitrate. Setting the video quality to a lower setting can help, as lower video quality can sometimes reduce choppiness and audio out of sync issues.

Check Your Network Connection

This issue can often be caused by a slow and/or unreliable internet connection. Make sure your internet connection is stable and fast enough to handle streaming content. Try rebooting your router and unplugging the power cord from the wall for a few minutes. Additionally, if you are using a wireless connection, try using an ethernet cable instead. This can provide a more reliable and stable connection for streaming.

If you continue to experience audio out of sync issues with Hulu Live, try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it. Additionally, you can try contacting Hulu’s support team for further assistance.