Hulu Not Updating Shows 2017

force update

How do I force update Hulu?

To check for a Hulu update, open the Google Play Store > tap Menu (three lines) > My apps & games > find Hulu and tap Update.

Hulu Not Updating Shows in 2017: Problems and Solutions

Hulu is a popular streaming service for watching television programs and movies. Unfortunately, many people have encountered a problem in 2017 where Hulu is not updating shows correctly, leaving them frustrated and unable to watch their favorite content.

What Is the Problem?

The issue appears to be stemming from Hulu’s backend servers, which are unable to communicate with the streaming device. Without the communication, Hulu cannot retrieve the latest list of available shows and movies, leaving viewers stuck on an outdated selection.

Possible Solutions:

Fortunately, there are a few potential solutions to this issue:

  • Rebooting the System: Rebooting your streaming device can often restart the connection between Hulu’s backend and your device, allowing Hulu to update correctly.
  • Checking for Updates: There may be an app or firmware update available for the streaming device, which could improve the connection between Hulu’s server and the device.
  • Uninstalling and Reinstalling: Uninstalling and reinstalling the Hulu app can resolve the issue and ensure that the latest content is available.
  • Contacting Hulu Support: Contacting Hulu Support can help troubleshoot any network or firewall issues that might be causing this problem.

By following the steps above, you should be able to get Hulu working again and allow you to stream the latest movies and shows.