Improve Your Home WiFi Network with Ethernet

How can I make my Ethernet WiFi better?

How to improve your internet speed Turn things off and on again, Move your router to a better location, Switch your Wi-Fi frequency band, Adjust your router’s antennas, Extend your Wi-Fi network, Prune unnecessary connections, Change your Wi-Fi frequency channel, Upgrade to faster internet

The availability of people’s mobile devices and the rising number of streaming services and video game consoles has put a strain on household WiFi networks. One of the most efficient solutions to ensure more reliable connection and faster speeds is to introduce Ethernet into the home.

Benefits of Ethernet

  • Faster speeds: Ethernet connections are much faster than WiFi connections, as less interference and disruption comes from outside networks or other electronic items in the house.
  • Reliability: An Ethernet connection is more reliable and consistent than a WiFi connection, meaning it won’t drop out or suffer from lag.
  • Security: A wired connection is much more secure than a wireless connection. This means that your data is safe from loss or theft.

How to Set Up Ethernet in Your Home

  • Buy an Ethernet Switch: The first step is to purchase an Ethernet switch, which will help you connect multiple devices to the same network. An 8- to 10-port switch should be enough to cover most households.
  • Run cables: You will need to run Ethernet cables from the switch, or a router with built in Ethernet ports, to each device in your home that you want to connect. You may want to consider hiring a professional to run Ethernet cables around your house if you don’t feel confident doing this yourself.
  • Plug in the cables: Once the cables are in place, simply plug each cable into the device you want to connect, as well as the Ethernet switch or router.


Using Ethernet to connect devices in the home offers many advantages over WiFi, such as faster speeds, more reliable connections, and better security. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily set up Ethernet in your home and take advantage of these benefits.