Is Percy Jackson on Netflix?

The Percy Jackson films have always been popular for their captivating stories. This is one of the things that have made them such a fan favourite. Being a fan-favourite franchise, it was only a matter of time before the movies started streaming on major streaming sites around the world.

With its stories centred around the popular books by Rick Riordan, the various installations of the Percy Jackson franchise have managed to prove its ability to grow a loyal fanbase across multiple generations over the years. Hence, it was never unheard of for people to search for some of these titles on their favourite streaming sites.

Even the most popular content streaming companies including Netflix are aware that their revenues are directly tied to the number of subscribers that they have on their platform. They also know that their number of subscribers are linked to the quality of the various titles that they have streaming on the platform at every given time. So that brings us to the age-old question;

Is Percy Jackson on Netflix?

Percy-Jackson-Sea-of-Monsters-Poster1Due to the subscription-based nature of the industry, it very easy for subscribers to move between streaming services when they find that they are not satisfied with the array of content that has been made available on the platform.

It is this reality that consistently prompts Netflix to stay up to date with the latest content from around the world. The company also makes efforts to support this already great array of content by augmenting it with its original content. This has helped to make their content collection one of the best you can find on the internet.

So, yes, the Percy Jackson franchise is available for streaming on Netflix. You can find multiple titles across the franchise on the streaming platform and watch them with subtitles and varying levels of picture quality. If you ever find yourself wanting to delve into the subject of Greek mythology but with a modern-day twist, then this film is for you.

How do I watch Percy Jackson on Netflix?

  • Simply start by logging into your Netflix account
  • Then, go straight to your search bar to search for “Percy Jackson”
  • Select the particular Percy Jackson title that you are interested in
  • Then click the “play now”
  • Adjust the video quality and subtitle options to your preference and enjoy your movie


While Netflix has a lot of blockbuster movies as part of its content collection, it is safe to establish that Percy Jackson is a part of that amazing collection. However, if you would still love to see more amazing movies that suit your taste, simply go back to your Netflix dashboard to explore the other film options available in your country.

Netflix is an amazing content streaming platform not just because its one of the most popular, but also because the company has taken on the responsibility to consistently build and adapt. Netflix’s flexibility and agile nature are what has kept them at the top, and adopting the Percy Jackson franchise is one of the few ways they have tried to keep their commitment to their subscribers; to always providing premium quality content on the site.