Is soy Luna Season 2 coming to Disney plus?

Is there any news on whether Soy Luna Season 2 will be added to Disney plus?

Is Soy Luna Season 2 Coming to Disney Plus?


Soy Luna is a popular Argentine-Mexican television series that first aired on Disney Channel Latin America in 2016. The show follows the story of a teenage girl named Luna Valente, who moves to Buenos Aires and discovers her passion for roller skating. The first season of Soy Luna was a huge success, and fans have been eagerly waiting for the second season to be available on Disney Plus.


Is Soy Luna Season 2 available on Disney Plus?

No, Soy Luna Season 2 is not currently available on Disney Plus.

When will Soy Luna Season 2 be available on Disney Plus?

There is no official announcement regarding the release date of Soy Luna Season 2 on Disney Plus. However, fans are hoping that it will be added soon.

Why is Soy Luna Season 2 not available on Disney Plus?

The reason for the delay in adding Soy Luna Season 2 to Disney Plus is unknown. It could be due to licensing issues or production delays.

Where can I watch Soy Luna Season 2?

Soy Luna Season 2 is currently available on Netflix in some countries, including Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico. It can also be purchased on Amazon Prime Video.


Cast of Soy Luna

  • Karol Sevilla as Luna Valente
  • Ruggero Pasquarelli as Matteo Balsano
  • Valentina Zenere as Ambar Smith
  • Michael Ronda as Simon Alvarez
  • Agustín Bernasconi as Gaston Perida
  • Katja Martínez as Jazmin Carvajal
  • Jorge López as Ramiro Ponce
  • Ana Jara as Jimena Medina
  • Lionel Ferro as Nicolas Navarro
  • Carolina Kopelioff as Nina Simonetti

Episodes of Soy Luna Season 2

  1. “Un sueño, sobre ruedas”
  2. “Un nuevo comienzo”
  3. “Un paso adelante”
  4. “Una buena elección”
  5. “La competencia”
  6. “El primer beso”
  7. “El secreto de Ámbar”
  8. “La verdad”
  9. “El campamento”
  10. “La elección”


Soy Luna Season 2 is a highly anticipated addition to Disney Plus. While it is not currently available on the streaming platform, fans can still watch it on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Hopefully, Disney will add Soy Luna Season 2 soon so that fans can enjoy the next chapter in Luna’s roller skating journey.

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