La La Land Showtimes Denver

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La La Land Showtimes in Denver


La La Land continues to be a huge hit at the box office and has been highly praised by critics and moviegoers alike. The musical romance tells the story of an aspiring jazz musician and an aspiring actress in Los Angeles – with a soundtrack that has won the Academy Award for Best Original Song and Score. People in Denver can enjoy La La Land in its big-screen glory. Here’s all you need to know about La La Land showtimes in Denver.

Denver Showtimes

The film is playing in many theaters in Denver. Here’s a quick guide to locally available showtimes:

  • AMC West: 11:30 AM, 12:30 PM, 2:00 PM, 2:30 PM, 6:15 PM, 8:55 PM
  • Harkins Northfield: 9:10 PM
  • UA Colorado Center: 11:30 AM, 2:45 PM, 6:10 PM, 9:25 PM
  • Regal UA Denver West: 11:15 AM, 2:45 PM, 8:50 PM

Ticket Prices

Tickets for La La Land vary according to theater and seat availability. Typically a general admission ticket will cost you around $13.50. For seating options such as IMAX and 3D, prices may go up to $21.50. Discount offers are also available at select locations; moviegoers get a 10 percent discount when they purchase tickets online.


Can I purchase tickets online?

Yes, you can purchase tickets online for La La Land showings in Denver. You can check seat availability and choose the theater, date, and time of your screening through the official website or one of the many ticketing websites.

Do I get a discount if I buy tickets online?

Yes, you get a 10 percent discount when you purchase tickets online for La La Land showings in Denver. However, this may vary according to theater and seat availability.

Are there any other discounts available?

Yes, certain movie theaters in Denver offer special offers such as loyalty cards and discounted prices for certain age groups. You’ll need to check with individual theaters for the offers available.


La La Land is an award-winning musical romance that continues to garner both critical and audience praise. Denver residents looking to relive the musical bliss can enjoy the film in its big-screen glory without breaking their wallet – tickets are reasonably priced and discounts are available. So, put on your dancing shoes and enjoy La La Land in all its glory. Book your tickets now!