Leelbox Q3 Android TV Box 2019 Review

Leelbox Q3 Android TV Box 2019 Review

In this Leelbox Q3 Android TV Box review we will talk about the specifications, software and performance that is packed inside this small box.

The Leelbox comes with the latest versions of Android and Kodi 16.1 along with 2gB ram and 16GB emmc Flash.  The great thing about the hardware and software of the Leelbox Q3 is how fast and snappy it is.  Inside the guts of the Leelbox is the Amlogic s905x Quad-Core Cortex A9r4 Processor 2.0 GHz CPU, OCTA Core mali 450 GPU. This processor is essential for being able to handle the 4K and 3D resolution capabilities outputting to your TV. You do not want a slow processor otherwise the picture will become choppy and frustrating to watch. Besides the impressive specs, it also comes with dual band WIFI and Bluetooth 4.0 to connect keyboards, mice, or joysticks to the box.

Even with all the great hardware specs the Leelbox wouldn’t be anything without the software.  Android 6.0 gives you access to all the latest apps like Netflix, Crackle, Hulu, HBO Go and many more.  You can browse the web right from your TV or even play games that you have downloaded from the Google Play store.  This Android box will turn almost any TV into a smart TV.

You might be asking yourself why get this Leelbox Q3 when lots of other boxes come with Android?  Simply put, Kodi 16.1.  Kodi software has evolved over time and it started out as XBMC which was the media center software for Xbox.  It has since gone through a name change and become an open source software capable of working on lots of different platforms including Android.  Now what does that mean to you?  You can download thousands of add-ons to be able to watch or listen to most any programs you want.  You can listen to or watch podcasts, local news and weather through various downloadable software add-ons.  Kodi add-ons will even allow you to access your Microsoft One Drive account and stream music or movies stored in the Cloud.  The possibilities are almost endless.

I do recommend buying a more versatile remote control.  If I had a complaint about most of the Android boxes on the market today it would be the remote control.  I really love having a full keyboard when doing my searches for movies or programs.  Invest in a good universal full keyboard remote.  I was hard pressed to find something else in this price range with all the performance and features that comes with the Leelbox Q3 Android TV Box.  In conclusion, if you want a fast reliable Android TV Box with lots of great capabilities and specifications than this is the device for you.