Legends Of The Hidden Temple Team Names

What happened to Olmec from Legends of the Hidden Temple?

And although Sadie, Noah and Dudley successfully restore the temple, Olmec remains in a stone head form, having sacrifice his human form for the good of his people.

Legends of the Hidden Temple is an iconic and popular TV game show from the ’90s. It’s no surprise that many teams have decided to use the show as inspiration and adopt its unique, one-of-a-kind team names. Here are some of the most popular Legends of the Hidden Temple-inspired team names:

By Temple Room:

  • The Silver Snakes – A tribute to the Silver Snakes, one of the most legendary teams on the show.
  • The Blue Barracudas – A nod to the team of the same name, which was formidable and well-loved by viewers.
  • The Red Jaguars – This team was notorious for outsmarting their opponents, and their name has become immortalized by its popularity.
  • The Green Monkeys – This team was the least successful of the four, but its name has still stuck around as one of the most memorable team names in the show.

By Pit of Despair:

  • The Shrine of the Silver Monkey – A reference to the game’s hardest challenge, the Shrine of the Silver Monkey. A daring team name that references one of the show’s most daunting obstacles.
  • The Steps of Knowledge – This team name pays homage to the first challenge the teams must complete before they can move on to the Temple Rooms.
  • The Ledges of Fate – A tongue-in-cheek reference to the show’s iconic “Ledges of Fate” obstacle, which often caught teams off guard or caused them to lose precious seconds.
  • The Crypt of the Curse – One of the most nerve-wracking portions of the show was the Crypt of the Curse, where teams had to retrieve objects from the dark depths of a crypt. This team name encapsulates the thrill of that challenge.

Whether you’re looking for an iconic team name or a daring, brave one, the options are infinite when it comes to Legends of the Hidden Temple-inspired names. So grab some inspiration from the show and come up with a unique name that your team can proudly call their own!