Lifetime Movies On You Tube

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Where can I stream all Lifetime movies?

Lifetime Movie Club is available to watch on your computer at, on Apple devices (including iPhone, iPad & Apple TV), on Android devices, and on Roku. You can also broadcast movies to your TV using the Chrome web browser or the latest versions of our Android and iOS apps via your Chromecast.

Lifetime Movies On YouTube

If you’re a fan of Lifetime movies, YouTube has you covered. With an abundance of seemingly endless Lifetime-based options, there’s something for every moviegoer. Here are some of our favorite Lifetime flicks available on YouTube.

The Wrong Son

The Wrong Son follows the story of an unsuspecting family as their romantic getaway to the beach turns into a horrifying nightmare. Life takes an unexpected twist when the son of their friend’s house goes missing and is replaced by an eerie doppelganger. This Lifetime movie will have you on the edge of your seat.

The Wrong Neighbor

When a single mom moves into her new house, she soon finds out her neighbor is not who she seems. The Wrong Neighbor delves into the unsuspecting fear until the ultimate climax. One of the scariest Lifetime movies, this one is one of our favorites.

Killer High

Killer High is a take on the classic high school horror genre. The movie follows a group of friends who go back to their old high school for a visit and find themselves faced with catastrophic consequences. With a suspenseful plot and intense action, Killer High is one of the best Lifetime movies available.

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YouTube is full of great Lifetime movies and here are just a few of our favorites. Here’s a list of additional must-watch titles:

  • Stalked By My Patient
  • The Wrong Roommate
  • A Mother’s Nightmare
  • William & Kate: The Movie
  • Dirty Teacher
  • A Mother’s Instinct

So what are you waiting for? Spend an evening in with some Lifetime Movies and get your horror fix!