MEGACRA T9 TV Box Black Review

MEGACRA T9 TV Box Black Review
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If you’re tired of paying a monthly bill for channels that you never use only to retain access to a few of your favorite shows and sports events, then the Megacra T9 TV Box Black edition could be the answer you have been searching for. With Kodi pre-installed along with over 90 other apps, you will have access to thousands of movies, shows, sports programs, and so much more right out the box. Just follow the simple set-up instructions to connect the MEGACRA T9 to your TV and you’ll be browsing through an expansive library using the WiFi already set up in your home.

Paying a monthly bill to a satellite or cable company was once the only way to keep up with all the latest episodes that you look forward to each week, but you end up getting charged an amount that reflects the dozens, and sometimes even hundreds, of channels that you never bother to watch. Thanks to Megacra you only have to pay a one time fee to purchase the MEGACRA T9 TV Box Black and will immediately be able to watch your favorites as they come out as well as keep up with your teams as they compete live. Not only do you save in the long run by saving yourself the monthly bill, you also can guarantee that you only pay for the content you want.

To connect the Megacra TV Box to your television, simply follow the manual. Plug in the AC power adapter to the box and a nearby outlet and then use the included HDMI cable to connect it to your TV. From there, allow the Megacra T9 to find your WiFi and then let the user-friendly interface specified by your country take you through the quick process of setting up your profile. For additional customization options, you will need to set up a Google account in order to make use of the Google Play Store for downloading all the apps you enjoy daily on your smartphone or tablet.

Once you are finished, you may enjoy Kodi free of charge! Just from here you immediately have access to thousands of shows, sports, movies, and documentaries. If you have a specific app in mind that you wish to enjoy on your television from the comfort of your couch, head to the Google Play Store to download it and enjoy a brand new experience. Since the TV Box comes with 2 GB RAM, you can rest assured that multiple apps can be running in the background simultaneously without any lag or streaming issues.

The Fastest Chipset S812 promises that in partnership with the 4K/2K HDMI output, you can decode H265 Video without any delays. The 8 GB memory is capable of storing all your downloads as well, so you have no reason to keep track of what you install. The aluminum alloy shell keeps the MEGACRA T9 TV Box Black safe thanks to its durable design, regardless of its wear and tear. And, thanks to the unique OS for different users, Chinese customers can gain access to live Chinese TV shows live as well as a Chinese app store.


  • Set up is easy for both hardware and interface and should not take long
  • With Kodi pre-installed, you gain instant access to thousands of shows and movies without additional downloads or fees
  • Google Play Store lets you download your other favorite apps
  • With the chipset and HDMI output, you can rest assured you get the fastest, most stable streaming for your videos
  • The inclusion of a unique OS for Chinese customers is useful for live Chinese broadcasts


  • Subscriptions are required for apps such as Netflix or Hulu if you wish to use them in addition to Kodi
  • You must have WiFi in your home to connect the TV Box to the internet
  • XBMC is a large app that must be closed for optimal performance

With all of the great inclusions as well as the ability to lower your monthly costs without sacrificing the programs you love, the Megacra T9 TV Box Black edition is the smart choice for those who wish to have more control over their viewing. Invest in your entertainment and purchase yours today to experience all of the advantages for yourself.

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