Monba MXV Android TV Box Review

Monba MXV Android TV Box Review

Monba MVX Android TV Box Review
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Turn your own television set into a Smart TV with the Monba MXV Android TV Box. With Kodi preloaded for access to thousands of your favorite movies and shows and the customizable downloads available through the Google Play Store, the Monba TV Box is guaranteed to completely revolutionize the way you use your television. If you’re tired of paying monthly for cable or satellite subscriptions, then read on about the advantages the Monba MXV has to offer.

The Monba MXV Android TV box is easy to connect and can be set up within minutes. Simply hook up the included HDMI cord and then follow the intuitive one-time instructions to create your own profile to begin surfing all your favorite social media apps and watching your shows on your own terms. The Monba also includes to USB 2.0 ports for connections to your mouse and keyboard for added comfort and usability without ever leaving your couch. Simply plug and begin navigating the intentionally simple interface to add your favorite subscriptions such as Netflix and Hulu for access to even more media content.

Pros: The simple connection with one included HDMI cord and set up instructions should take no longer than five minutes for the initial start-up. The USB 2.0 ports allow for added devices to be used with the box for use from anywhere in the room. The intuitive interface is easy to navigate so that all family members can enjoy the Monba TV Box.

Cons: With no Bluetooth or wireless connection, you will purchase your own Bluetooth mouse and keyboard to keep from stretching wires across the room, and the set-up process has had a few negative review. (Though with the warranty, those customers received replacements or further instructions to ensure the product worked perfectly.)

With Kodi pre-installed and ready to use right out of the box, you will immediately have access to thousands of movies and shows without any added fees. In addition to the Monba MXV Anrdroid TV Box Kodi library, you will see many apps that are already set up and prepared for your Smart TV experience. If you already have subscriptions to apps such as Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix, head to the Google Play Store to download them right into the Monba MXV thanks to its storage capacity. But this little box is more than movies, you can also access all of your social media right through your television as well as apps like Skype to stay connected.

Pros: Since Kodi comes pre-installed, you’ll immediately be able to see all your favorites without any added subscriptions or monthly fees. If you already have apps you pay for, you can install them easily thanks to the Google Play Store for an even larger selection. Add that to connections via Skype and Facebook for a truly unique experience.

Cons: You will need to download other apps to access them, though the process is very simple. Apps such as Netflix do require subscriptions but are not necessary thanks to the Kodi library.

The Mali 450 Octo Core High Performance 3D GPU processor makes the Monba TV Box a powerhouse ready for viewing in both 2D and 3D to ensure your viewing pleasure. With the speed of the processor and direct HDMI connection you never have to worry about lag and are sure to have a constant, stable connection. Simply connect, set up, and begin viewing all the content that you desire.

Pros: The high power processor optimizes speed and performance for different types of viewing as well as promotes a stable streaming experience.

Cons: Streaming does rely on your WiFi connection and download speed.

Overall, the Monba MXV Android TV Box is an excellent alternative to costly monthly cable or satellite subscriptions that offers access to all of your most watched shows and favorite movies. With the Kodi and Google Play Store included, you are sure to have the experience you have been searching for.

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Monba MXV Android TV BOX
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