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The Adventures of Tigger And Pooh

Tigger and Pooh, two of Disney most beloved characters and childhood icons, have a long history of entrepreneurial exploits. Not only have these two been a source of entertainment for children for generations, but they have also developed a fun assortment of games and activities over the years. Here are some of our favorites!

Tigger and Pooh 9-Pin Bowling

This head-to-head 9-pin bowling game puts Tigger and Pooh in a race to see who can knock down the most pins. Play against the computer, or face off against a family member in an ultimate battle to decide who’s the better bowler.

Tigger and Pooh’s ABCs and 123s

This fun activity introduces kids to the ABCs and 123s. With Pooh and Tigger living in the Hundred Acre Wood, there are plenty of exciting animals and objects to learn about. When they’re not counting stars or making up songs, kids can answer questions and play along with their favorite characters.

Tigger and Pooh: World of Words

This fun game explores the world of words with Pooh and Tigger. Players can select words and images, then watch as Pooh and Tigger explore the Hundred Acre Wood and make new discoveries. The game also helps children learn new words and work on their letter recognition and reading skills.

Tigger and Pooh: High Bounce Game

Tigger and Pooh are at it again, this time hopping and boinging their way around the Hundred Acre Wood to earn the highest score. Race against the clock, or compete against family and friends to see who can get the highest score by bouncing off the highest objects.

Tigger and Pooh: Jungle JoyRide

Take a wild ride with Tigger and Pooh through the Hundred Acre Wood. Collect honey pots, gems, and coins by outsmarting traps, bouncing off of trees, and leaping over obstacles. Challenge yourself with a series of increasingly difficult levels and race to the finish line.

Whether you’re looking for educational activities, competitive games, or just something fun to do, Tigger and Pooh have you covered. These two beloved classic characters are sure to bring hours of entertainment and learning to children of all ages.