Netflix Are You Still Watching Message Turn Off

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Search for Dragon Ball, and the entire series for Dragon Ball and Z will be in crunchyroll as well as funimation. However, Super dubbed will need to be enjoyed on funimation for now.

Are You Still Watching Message: Do You Need to Turn It Off?

When streaming content on Netflix, one of the most commonly annoying features people find is the “Are you still watching?” message. If you spend more than half an hour of continuous streaming, you’ll likely stumble upon it. So what’s the message, and can you turn it off?

What Is the ‘Are You Still Watching’ Message?

The “Are you still watching?” message appears after you’ve watched the same show or movie for a certain amount of time (usually between 30 minutes to an hour). It displays in a box in the middle of your screen and requires you to confirm before Netflix will continue streaming.

Why Does Netflix Show the Message?

When Netflix first launched this feature, they pointed out that it was designed to help those who tend to fall asleep while watching content or leave it on in the background. Netflix also wanted the message to act as a reminder for viewers who haven’t finished watching something yet that their content is still playing.

Can You Turn Off the ‘Are You Still Watching’ Message?

Good news: Yes, you can turn off the “Are you still watching?” message. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Log in to your Netflix account.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Under Profile & Parental Controls, select the profile for which you want to make the change.
  • Check the box Play this show/movie uninterrupted.
  • Save your changes.

When this setting is enabled, you may not get the message at all. However, if Netflix still shows it, you can just click “Yes” to continue.

Now that you know how to disable the “Are you still watching?” message, you can enjoy your Netflix streaming without any interruptions!

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