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Netflix Feature “Are You Still Watching?” Causes Convenience or Annoyance

Netflix, the world’s leading streaming service, has implemented a feature called “Are You Still Watching?” in an effort to reduce binge-watching. This feature pops up after a few episodes of a show are played, asking if you are still watching the show. Despite the convenience this feature brings to those who wish to maintain their watching habits, there is also a great deal of complaint over the interruption it brings.

Benefits of Are You Still Watching?

  • Prevents accidentally running up an exorbitant viewing tab
  • Reminds viewers to take breaks and get off the couch
  • Notifies viewers when they forget to pause or end a show or movie

The chief benefit of Netflix’s “Are You Still Watching?” feature is that it prevents people from running up an exorbitant viewing tab, which can happen when viewers leave themselves logged in on a show or movie and forget about it, only to be billed later. Additionally, when used correctly, it can be a helpful reminder for viewers who may forget to log out, prompting them to get up and turn off the show.

The Annoyance of Are You Still Watching?

  • Breaks immersion in a show or movie
  • Inconvenient when viewers are multi-tasking
  • Can be difficult to end a show if a poor internet connection is present

The chief annoyance of Netflix’s “Are You Still Watching?” feature is that it can break a viewer’s immersion in a show or movie, prompting a search for a way to turn it off. In addition, it also can be very inconvenient for viewers who are multi-tasking in between shows or movies. Another common complaint is that the prompt does not always disappear if the internet connection is weak. This forces viewers to restart their network connection in order for the prompt to turn off.


Netflix’s “Are You Still Watching?” feature is beneficial to many viewers who want to reduce their viewing habits. However, this feature is also an annoyance to many people who wished to stay immersed in a show or movie without interruption. Ultimately, it is up to Netflix subscribers to weigh the convenience and annoyance of this feature and make a decision based on their streaming habits.