New Netflix Movies July 2016

What’s the biggest hit on Netflix right now?

The Top 10 Most Popular TV Shows on Netflix Right Now Love Island, Kaleidoscope, The Circle, Wednesday, The Walking Dead, New Amsterdam, Vikings: Valhalla, Ginny & Georgia

For movie lovers, Netflix has come up with a list of new exciting films ready to debut in July, ranging from romantic comedies, to horror films, and even documentary films, as well as inspiring biopics. Here we explore some new upcoming titles premiering in July 2016 with Netflix.

Romantic Comedy

A romantic comedy starring Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, The Wedding Singer, will be premiering on the streaming site this July. The story shares the journey of a singing waiter and his bride-to-be, as they both part ways and come across various successful and unsavory characters.


For horror fans, Netflix is launching the much anticipated Conjuring 2 this July. The film is a continuation of the horror film which focuses on the eerie experiences of paranormal researchers who set out to investigate supernatural happenings.


Also premiering in July is the inspiring, highly acclaimed documentary about the life of pioneering data scientist, Margaret Heffernan Beyond Measure. Heffernan explores how the drive for success can often lead to stress and depression, and how jobs can and should be designed in a way to be meaningful.


The award-winning film The Rush will be added to the streaming site this July, which focuses on the life of professional cyclist, Lance Armstrong. Armstrong narrates his journey of coming back from illness to become the most renowned cyclist of all time.


  • Is there a romantic comedy debuting in July? Yes, the romantic comedy The Wedding Singer is debuting in July.
  • Is there a horror film premiering in July? Yes, Conjuring 2 is premiering in July.
  • I heard of a documentary about data scientist, is that available too? Yes, Beyond Measure is premiering in July and focuses on the life of a pioneering data scientist.
  • Is there a biopic available too? Yes, The Rush, a biopic about cyclist Lance Armstrong is premiering in July.

With these new exciting films premiering on Netflix in July, no matter what genre of movie you’re looking for, there’s something for everyone. From The Wedding Singer to Conjuring 2, and Beyond Measure to The Rush, these films will be inspiring, entertaining, and enjoyable streaming experiences.