New Star Wars Lego 2017


What is the rarest Star Wars LEGO?

The Minifigure that has the highest value, but is not widely known is the Boba Fett from the 2003 Cloud City set 10123. $1500 for a used one, and over $5K if you have a brand new version.

Lego has become a phenomenon around the world and appeals to all ages of the population. Not surprisingly, the fan base for Lego based on the new Star Wars movies is growing as fast as the movies are being released and Lego is keeping up with new technology and new products. The new Star Wars Lego 2017 products and sets just keep getting better and better.

Awesome Features

The range offers some truly amazing features:

  • Unique Pieces – the sets offer some of the most unique pieces you’ll find in any Lego set, adding an artistic flair to your models.
  • Interchangeable Parts – you can mix and match parts from different Star Wars themed sets to create some truly unique models.
  • Realistic Models – the figures and models crafted in the Star Wars sets look extremely realistic, giving you an immersive experience when you’re building or playing.
  • Movies and Character Portrayals – there are now sets based on characters from the movies and even mini-figures of the characters that are sure to be a big hit.

New Sets for 2017

The new Star Wars Lego 2017 sets will also include some new and exciting sets for fans to enjoy. These include:

  • Death Star Palace – this is an impressive set that includes a recreation of the Emperor’s throne room and the iconic Darth Vader.
  • AT-M6 Walker Battle – this set combines the power of the AT-M6 Walker with the daring and tactics of the heroes that save the universe.
  • The Resistance X-Wing Fighter – the iconic red and white X-Wing figure is sure to be a popular set and will have many playing out their adventures in the galaxy.

The new Star Wars Lego 2017 sets are sure to be a hit and will be enjoyed by both the old and young fans of Star Wars alike. With amazing features and realistic models, these sets will transport you to a galaxy far far away.