New To Amazon February 2018

Bewitched based

Was Bewitched based on Bell, Book and Candle?

Bewitched’s story grew directly from its primary inspiration: British-American playwright John Van Druten’s popular 1950 play Bell, Book and Candle, turned into a smash 1958 film starring sometime Oregonian Kim Novak, James Stewart, and Jack Lemmon.

Amazon is always adding new products and features. This February is no exception. Here is a rundown of some of the great new features that became available on Amazon this month.

1. Amazon Business Prime

Amazon Business Prime is a new subscription service designed for businesses. Small businesses can now enjoy all the same benefits as regular Amazon Prime members, including free two-day shipping, unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows, and access to Amazon’s massive library of music.

2. Amazon Music HD

Music fans rejoice! Amazon Music HD is now available to stream in many countries across the globe. This service offers lossless audio streaming of your favorite artists in CD-quality sound.

3. Amazon Echo Look App

Style-lovers rejoice! The Amazon Echo Look App is now available for download both on Android and iOS devices. This app connects to the Echo Look camera to give you advice on your fashion choices, access to images taken with the device, and more.

4. Alexa-Enabled Smart Home Devices

Smart home technology has made its way to Amazon. The retail giant has now released Alexa-enabled Smart Home devices, including lightbulbs and plugs that can be controlled by voice commands given through the Alexa app.

5. Amazon Curated Shops

Amazon has launched Curated Shops, a new shopping experience that makes it easier to find great gifts and products. You can explore by occasion or find collections curated and hand-picked by Amazon experts.

6. Amazon Go Mobile App

The Amazon Go mobile app makes it easier than ever to shop and pay for groceries with just a few taps. This new app allows you to enter Amazon Go stores, browse products and pay for them directly from your phone.


Whether you’re a music fan, style guru, tech lover or just a shopper who needs help finding the perfect gift, Amazon has something new for everyone this February. Check out all the new features and devices to take your online shopping experience to the next level.