NFL Sunday Ticket Student Cost $80 after coupon code BACKTOSCHOOL

What is NFL Sunday Ticket?

NFL Sunday Ticket is a service that allows subscribers who purchase it to watch NFL games that may be, “Out of market,” or otherwise not broadcast on local network channels (NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and so forth). It can found at times as a part of certain DirecTV subscription-levels or without DirecTV, but can be quite costly. Buying NFL Sunday Ticket at regular retail cost can run from $294 to $396 depending on how many total games you want to be able to access. Also, should you desire to add the Game Pass feature which allows subscribers to stream games both live and pre-recorded, that is an extra $50. In other words, to unlock everything someone would need to pay about $446. Clearly all this is a steep price to pay to see football, but thankfully students at colleges can get a great deal.

NFL Sunday Ticket for Students: Costs and Qualifications

Should someone be attending a two or four year college/university, they can pay just $24.99 per month for four months/$99.96 for the entire season where having Sunday Ticket is needed. The amount of games that can be accessed are equal to the normal cost of $396. In addition to that, by paying an additional $49 once a student can get ALL the game pass features that normally would cost $446 for the entire season. That means a college student can get $396 of content for just $99.96 if they so choose, that’s less than 25% of what it would normally cost to get all that stellar content for a college student! Should a student want to have game pas as well that would be $148.96 instead of $446, which is still only about 33% of what the service would normally cost. It is an amazing deal, but that raises the question of just how a student can access this incredible deal.

Qualifying for NFL Sunday Ticket for Students

If a student wants to be sure they qualify for NFL Sunday Ticket for Students they first need to make sure they are full-time enrolled student at a two or four year university. They then would visit the website to sign-up for NFL Sunday Ticket for Students ( ) and once there provide their school’s name, their own name, and their birthday. As long as it can be verified there is a current student record, then you are qualified and can take advantage of this stellar deal!