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Poldark Season Two on Amazon Prime

If you’re a fan of historical dramas and are looking for something new to watch, consider Poldark season two on Amazon Prime. This ten-part series follows the life of British Army Officer Ross Poldark as he attempts to restore his life and his ancestral estate in the Cornwall area, after fighting in the American War of Independence. Led by

Aidan Turner in the role of Ross Poldark, the show is an emotionally powerful, romantic, and captivating journey that keeps you engaged from start to finish. Here are a few of the highlights that make Poldark Season two a must-see:

Stunning Cinematography

Poldark season two showcases the breathtaking beauty of Cornwall and the South West of England. From the rolling hills and cliffs, to the beaches, and the more rural parts of the county. The filmmakers do an excellent job at capturing the locations with stunning cinematography and brings Poldark and the world of Cornwall to life.

Excellent Performances

Aidan Turner delivers a powerful and intense performance as Ross Poldark, with a nuanced display of raw emotion that makes him quite captivating to watch as he attempts to rebuild his life and estate. Eleanor Tomlinson and Heida Reed, who both play female protagonists, also bring a sense of authenticity to their respective roles. All of these performances combine to create an unforgettable experience.

Edge of Your Seat Thrill Ride

Poldark season two is full of plot twists and turns, as well as exciting battles and duels. The drama unfolding in Cornwall and the decisions that Ross Poldark has to make, keeps you on the edge of your seat. There is never a dull moment in this series.

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A Heartfelt Story of Love and Desperation

The show is not just about battles and political intrigue, but also about relationships and people trying to survive. It captures the struggles of everyday life, of love, and loss. This is a love story that shows how relationships can be broken and restored, how love can change over time, and how desperation can force us to make difficult decisions.


With all the beautiful cinematography, top notch performances, gripping drama and heartfelt story of love, Poldark season two is a must-watch series. Get ready for an amazing journey and experience this epic tale of love and survival.