Roku Remote A And B Buttons


How do I use Roku buttons?

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Understanding the Roku Remote A and B Buttons

Roku remotes come with a range of options to make navigating the user interfaces of your Roku device easy. Among these are two buttons, A and B, to the right of your directional pad. This article will explain how to use these features.

What do the A and B Buttons Do?

The A and B buttons can be used to navigate websites or apps on your TV. Apart from controlling the navigation, it can also be used to cycle between menus and to select a section of a particular page. For instance, if someone is scrolling through a long list of music, they can press A and B to move up and down the list more quickly.

How to Use the A and B Buttons

Using the A and B buttons is easy. To start, press the [*] button on your remote. This will reveal a navigation menu. From here, you can use the A and B buttons to move up and down the list. When you get to the option you would like to select, press the OK button.

Tips and Tricks

Below are some bonus tips to help you get the most out of your A and B buttons:

  • Customize the Buttons: In some apps, the A and B buttons may have custom functions. For example, in Netflix the A button plays or pauses the video and the B button skips the current scene.
  • Rework your Way of Navigation: If you press the A button consecutively, the list will move faster. You can also use the B button to jump back as many times as you want.

The A and B buttons are a useful addition to your Roku remote. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be navigating your Roku with ease in no time.