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Does Hulu have Silicon Valley?

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Everything to know about binge-watching Silicon Valley Season 3!

Are you feeling nostalgic about the intense and clever sitcom, Silicon Valley? Worry not, season 3 is now streaming!

Behind the Scenes

The American comedy show Silicon Valley was created by Mike Judge and John Altschuler. The show spoofs the startup culture of Silicon Valley and the tech industry.

The show stars Thomas Middleditch as Richard Hendricks, Zac Wood as Erlich Bachman, Martin Starr as Gilfoyle, and Kumail Nanjiani as Dinesh. It’s has become one of the most popular comedies on TV.

What’s the Plot of Season 3?

The third season of Silicon Valley evolves Richard’s struggle to keep his startup up and running. The fight gets a tad bit more intense when their competitor and Richard’s frenemies hatch dangerous plans to take their idea and make it their own.

The past two seasons of Silicon Valley were praised for the alluring plot and witty dialogues, and this third season has teased out a lot more.

Where and how can you stream Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley’s season 3 is available on HBO GO App, HBO Now, and On Demand streaming. You can also watch the show on DVDs that are easily available online.

What’s in the store?

Season 3 of Silicon Valley promises a lot of drama and uproar. Here are a few moments that you should watch out for:

  • Richard and his team face grave threats from Hogan and his new venture to take their idea and make it their own
  • The Pied-Piper team face a hard time managing the pressure from their investors
  • Ron, the new owner of Raviga, puts Richards and his team in a situation that tests their skills and boundaries
  • Richard finds himself in a situation where his company could be destroyed or his friendship with Monica could be ruined!

Don’t miss out on this one and start binging on Silicon Valley Season 3 now.

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