Sony Blu Ray Player Update

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How do I update my Sony media player?

Installation Instructions Download and transfer the Update Files to Your USB Storage Device. Ensure your computer is connected to the Internet. Connect a compatible USB storage device to your computer, Perform the Firmware Update. Turn on the Digital Media Player

Sony recently released a new update for its Blu Ray players that provides several enhanced features and improved performance. This update is available now for all users and can be downloaded from the official Sony website. Here’s what’s new in this update:

New Features

  • 4K Upscaling: Enjoy ultra-high definition picture quality of 4K content via your Blu Ray Player. The Sony Blu Ray Player now upscales 1080p content to near-4K quality.
  • Improved User Interface: The new user interface makes interacting with your Blu Ray Player easier and faster.
  • New Streaming Apps: Enjoy access to new streaming apps which allow you to access popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube.
  • Connectivity Options: The new update also adds support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.

Improved Performance

The Sony Blu Ray Player update also includes several performance enhancements for improved reliability and smoother operation. This includes noticeable improvements in start-up time, loading times and overall responsiveness.

The update is available now for all Sony Blu Ray Players and can be downloaded from the official Sony website. To get the most out of your Blu Ray Player, make sure to take advantage of this update and enjoy these enhanced features.

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