The Cowboy Way Alabama Season 5

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Is there going to be a season 5 of the cowboy way?

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The Cowboy Way Alabama is a popular American reality television that first launched in 2016. The show offers an up-close and personal glimpse into the lives of the three cowboys from Cullman, Alabama and their daily struggles, passions and dreams.

Story at a Glance

The third and fourth season of The Cowboy Way Alabama saw the three cowboys, Cody Harris, Bo Forgason, and Chris Boozer take on an array of challenges from bull riding to trail running and even a visit from a Hollywood star. With season five the three are back and ready to take on even more adventures.


Season five of The Cowboy Way Alabama is sure to be just as riveting as the rest. The trailers released for the upcoming season showcase horses, cattle and the trio of cowboys coming together to face the realities of ranching in today’s world as well as highlighting the exciting twists that lie in store for viewers.

What to Expect

The Cowboy Way Alabama has something to offer for everyone, regardless of whether you are a fan of the outdoors or not. The series is packed with drama and tension as the cowboys meet the challenge of the day. Viewers can also expect a bit of light hearted laughter as the show’s three heroes embrace modern-day problems, showing the determination and passion needed to make it in their unique line of work.


The Cowboy Way Alabama season five provides a great opportunity to see the trio of cowboys in action and gain insight into their daily lives:

  • New Adventures – The cowboys take on exciting new challenges in an effort to keep the tradition of ranching alive.
  • Ranch Life – Follow the trio as they struggle to keep their cattle business afloat and prepare for the inevitable changes that come with the modernization of the industry.
  • High-Stakes Drama – Be part of the roller-coaster of emotions as the cowboys struggle to find a way to make their passion for ranching a success.

The Cowboy Way Alabama season five is sure to be a hit with old and new viewers alike. Its heartfelt stories and never-ending drama continue to make this series a must-see. Don’t miss out on all the action when season five returns!