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Where can I watch Dead Files Season 11?

Watch The Dead Files – Season 11 | Prime Video.

The Dead Files on Hulu

Are you a fan of the paranormal? The inventive crime series The Dead Files combines murder mysteries with the supernatural. Now streaming on Hulu, this true crime series follows psychic medium Amy Allan and former NYPD homicide investigator Steve DiSchiavi as they explore unsolved murder mysteries and hauntings.

Real Investigations

The Dead Files uses a combination of real-life investigations and mediumship readings to try and uncover the truth. The long-time duo has been investigating all manner of unusual cases since season one in 2011. During each episode, Allan and DiSchiavi separate to visit, explore and investigate a crime scene independently. After their investigations, they come together to compare their findings and attempt to solve the mystery.

Amy Allan’s Readings

Allan is a medium who use her expertise to try and gain insight from the other side. She takes her readings seriously, and with each case, she pushes herself further and deeper into the unknown. Some cases have been so traumatizing to Allan that she has taken days, or even weeks to recover. Not only does she use her expertise to gain insight on the cases, she uses her gift to also help families who are having trouble with hauntings.

Steve DiSchiavi’s Analysis

DiSchiavi is the grounded one in the duo. His background in law enforcement and his analytical skills are invaluable in looking at the physical aspects of each case. He is able to connect the evidence to the people involved, and to uncover stories that often go untold.

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  • Steve DiSchiavi brings his expertise from over 20 years as a NYPD homicide detective to the Dead Files
  • Amy Allen uses her sixth sense to provide evidence from the other side beyond what can be seen with the naked eye
  • Real Cases the Dead Files looks into unsolved mysteries and hauntings to try and uncover what really happened

If you’re a fan of mysterious unresolved cases, witness accounts and the supernatural, The Dead Files on Hulu is the perfect show for you!