The Haves And The Have Nots On Hulu

Can I watch Season 8 of the haves and have nots on Hulu?

Currently you are able to watch “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots – Season 8” streaming on Hulu, fuboTV, DIRECTV.

The Haves And the Have Nots: A Review of the Hulu Series

The Haves and the Have Nots is a groundbreaking series released on Hulu in 2013. It follows the trials and tribulations of the Cryer and Harrington families, two powerful, wealthy families in Savannah, Georgia. Those who “have” and those who “have not”; weaves a story of struggle and drama, emphasizing the hard class divide that persists in the United States.

A Rollercoaster Plot

The show has a rollercoaster of a plot. Rich and powerful patriarchs deal with corruption and legal issues, struggling to stay on top of the court cases and vindictive rivals threatening their social standing. At the same time, there is a dark family drama. All the secrets and lies between the Cryer and Harrington households make for intense scenes that keep the viewers hooked.

Authentic Representation

What sets The Haves and the Have Nots apart is its authentic representation of Southern culture. Realistic characters and dialogue, accurate settings and shots of Savannah, Georgia make the show highly watchable and easy to get invested in. Furthermore, powerful themes such as classism and struggling with morality are addressed in a thoughtful, yet light way.

The Cast

The show features an impressive cast of TV veterans:

  • Tyler Perry as Jim Cryer
  • Garrett Armaments as Warren Schilling
  • John Schneider as Wyatt Cryer
  • Olivia Charity as Lena Lowery
  • Peter Parros as David Harrington
  • Angela Robinson as Veronica Harrington

The show has five seasons and counting, each as exciting and full of drama as the last. Tune in to Hulu to watch it for yourself, and you’ll be hooked for sure!