TICTID M9C max Android 6.0 TV Box review

TICTID M9C Max Android TV Box Review

Manufactured by TICTIC, the M9C Max Android 6.0 TV Box is one that boasts a number of features and also doubles as a WIDI “Smart TV” box. For those that want something in the “smart” area of technology for an inexpensive price, you’ve come to the right place. Features of the aforementioned by TICTID include the following:

  • Powerful GPU and chipset
  • Stable Android 6.0, strong compatibility
  • HD and smooth picture/visuals
  • Fast, high-quality WIFI Signal
  • Easy connection, ease of use is simple

The Breakdown of the Features

TICTID M9C max Android 6.0 TV Box reviewFor any type of technological equipment, you’re going to want something with a chipset that’s powerful, and a GPU that’s equally as powerful. Within this TV box from TICTID, you’re receiving a S905X chipset that is more advanced than others on the market currently for this type of technology. For a supreme configuration, M9C max is able to support not only VP9 encoding (for the best playback graphics), but also a support system for H.265 (HEVC). Beyond this, having these two fantastic features and technologies together ensures a GPU that’s going to run faster than your normal S905 chipset. Now, let’s talk about the Android 6.0 operating system. Having the latest Android 6.0 on this ensures that the equipment and technology will not freeze – you don’t have to worry about freezing, and with the high-quality WiFi, you also don’t have to worry about buffering.

Speaking of freezing, there’s nothing worse than non-visually appeasing visuals. Having a CPU that’s a quad core using the Amlogic Technology, ensures that you’re going to be able to process the images that are shown to you with ease – and by “you’re”, we mean the TICTID TV box. When you’re able to run the box at the optimal speeds for the best picture without freezing, buffering or pixilation, you’re able to watch your shows or movies without worry and without frustration. Sit back and relax for a great day of viewing. The GPU processor delivers incredible graphics for not only 2d images, but for 3d images as well – games and pictures can also be viewed within this TV box, and can be shown for as something as incredible as 4k with full, high-definition.

As for the Wi-Fi quality we’ve mentioned time and time again, the H.265 decoding technology and the 2.4GhZ ensures that your Wi-Fi isn’t going to be anything less than incredible stable. Because of this, you’ll be having a much desired viewing experience – one that your friends will be totally jealous of you for. Beyond this, the max extended ram capacity ensures more space for caching and for viewing – don’t waste your time trying to make space.

Last but not least, there’s nothing worse than a product that needs an incredible set up time, especially one that isn’t built directly by you! The simple operation of the M9C max ensures that you’re going to be able to set up the aforementioned with ease, and begin watching within minutes. You can also use your mouse and keyboard for a more optimal operation. The remote control is also included to ensure that you can sit on your couch, relax, and begin watching whatever your heart desires.

The First Impression of the Product

I can’t say many bad things about this product in terms of my first impression, as it provided a full and in-depth explanation about each of the features. For those technology newbies such as myself, I didn’t have to worry about hidden features that I may not know of or features that I want not being explained to me. For the price and the speed offered (as well as the quality), I was down to buy this TICTID in a heartbeat. After using, I can say that I’m pleasantly surprised (if not more than happy) with the purchase. The setup is a breeze, and there are many ways to operate the system (including the remote and keyboard/mouse). I was also worried I wouldn’t be able to get any 3rd party add-ons, but upon further research, I can do so with ease – just will take a few moments of getting through the setup and following specification directions.

The Advantages of the Product

There are a ton of advantages to this product, but we’ll highlight the Amlogic S905X quad core CPU. We wish to discuss this due to the speed of the computing and image processing. Without this speed, the image playback wouldn’t be nearly as high-quality, and that’s something that’s not okay during the usage of technology of today.

The Disadvantages of the Product

There aren’t too many disadvantages, but more so personal preferences when it comes to this TICTID TV box. While it’s harder to obtain 3rd party software and add-ons, it’s not impossible and you can be guided through the process.

What’s in the Box?

Within the contents of this package, you’ll not only receive the M9C Max Android TV box, but you’ll also receive the remote control, a user manual, an HDMI cable, and even a US power adaptor for optimal setup and ease of use.

The Final Verdict

Overall, we believe the M9C is a fantastic purchase for those interested in a TV box. You’ll be able to use the high-quality Wi-Fi seamlessly, while being able to have your images and video shown to you in the highest quality you desire. Capable of using with 4k TV software, you don’t have to sacrifice quality or compromise.