Transfer Directv Dvr Recordings To External Hard Drive

DIRECTV recordings

Can I save my DIRECTV DVR recordings to USB?

You can not transfer recordings. If you wants to record something from your DVR, you need to connect your DVR to a recording or capture device like a VCR. Your connection to the recording/capture device would be through composite, component or hdmi, not USB.

Transferring recordings from your Directv DVR to an external hard drive is a great way to free up more space on your device and save your favorite shows, movies and recordings for future viewing pleasure.

It’s not a difficult process and with the right steps, you can have your recordings transferred over in no time.

Things You’ll Need

  • A Directv DVR
  • An external hard drive
  • Coaxial cables or HDMI cables
  • A computer

Steps To Take

  1. Choose the recording you wish to transfer to the hard drive. Make sure that it is a recording that you can transfer and not one that has been locked by the Directv service.
  2. Connect the cables. Connect one end of the coaxial cable to the wall outlet and the other end to the Directv DVR. Connect the other coaxial cable to the Directv DVR and the other end to your external hard drive.
  3. Turn the power on. Turn the power on to your Directv DVR and the external hard drive.
  4. Go to the recording menu. On your remote control, press the recordings button and go to the list of recordings.
  5. Choose the recording. Choose the recording that you want to transfer.
  6. Go to “Record Options”. Highlight the recording that you want to transfer and press the menu button on your remote. Select the “Record Options” menu and choose “Transfer to External Hard Drive” from the list of options.
  7. Transfer the recording. It will take some time for the recording to copy onto the external hard drive. When the recording is successfully transferred, you will get a message on screen that tells you it is now safe to remove the external hard drive.


  • Make sure that you have enough space on your external hard drive before starting the transfer process.
  • Test out the transfer process with a short recording before trying to transfer a recording of a long movie.
  • If you have problems transferring the recording, make sure that all the cables are properly connected.
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