What do I use to host this website?

I thought I would make a quick post to talk about what software and hosting I use to run this site.  Currently, I am using WordPress for the foundation.  Not sure how I came about the theme but it is from a company called Themify.  Themify has great customer support and a forums to help with questions and issues.  They are fairly easy to use and that is another reason I like their theme. This is a free theme but I do have some paid plugins that I use to help run the site.  One of my must have plugins is called WP-Rocket.  It is a caching plugin and works excellent.  You can use other caching plugins but I did find that buying WP-Rocket just gave me the best experience.  It is affordable but could become expensive if you had to buy for multiple sites.

As far as hosting goes, I am using 1&1 web hosting.  They are reasonably priced and I found that after using them for a year they perform quite well.  I am also using a couple other hosting providers for other sites and have been somewhat disappointed in their overall performance.  The package I am signed up for is a shared hosting package.  Even that being said 1&1 Web Hosting has been excellent.

One of my favorite plugins is called Maxbuttons Pro.  It has allowed me to add the social media buttons to posts easily and BUY NOW buttons to the blog posts.  I highly recommend that plugin and for the price it covers unlimited websites which is rather unheard of nowadays. I do also recommend UpDraftPlus which can backup your site to something like Dropbox or Google drive.  I have had sites crash before and you definitely want to have another copy of your site.  You never know what plugins might not play nice with each other so having a backup is essential.  I hope this helps some people if they are thinking of making a website or blog!