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Where can I watch Part 2 of Season 5 of the Vikings? Vikings: Season 5 Volume 2 : Various, Various: Movies & TV.

“Vikings” – Season 5, Part 2 on Hulu


“Vikings” is an historical drama series created by Michael Hirst and aired by the History channel. It follows the story of Ragnar Lothbrok, a legendary Viking warrior and legendary leader, who has dream of conquering foreign lands. The series begins in the late 8th century, in Scandinavia, and moves forward in time through the Viking Age.


Season 5, Part 2 of “Vikings” is now available on Hulu. The show continues the story of Ragnar’s sons, as they vie for power and attempt to fulfill their father’s dream. Bjorn is determined to become the king of all Norway, while Ivar, Ubbe and Sigurd continue to fight for their father’s legacy. Meanwhile, Lagertha reigns as the Queen of Kattegat and forges her own path.

Episodes Included

Here is the full list of episodes included in the Season 5 Part 2 collection:

  • Episode 11: “The Revelation”
  • Episode 12: “Baldur”
  • Episode 13: “What Happens In the Cave”
  • Episode 14: “A New Wedding”
  • Episode 15: “Hell”
  • Episode 16: “The Best Laid Plans”
  • Episode 17: “The Key”
  • Episode 18: “On the Eve”


The final season of “Vikings” is now available on Hulu. This dramatic and action-packed series follows the adventures of the infamous Ragnar Lothbrok and his sons as they fight for power, seek to fulfill their father’s legacy, and ultimately, forge their own paths.