Watch Season 6 Walking Dead For Free

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How To Watch The Walking Dead Season 6 For Free


If you’re a fan of the hit show The Walking Dead chances are you’re eagerly awaiting the 6th season. Here are a few tips on how to catch the upcoming season for free.

Tips on Watching For Free

  • Check AMC Television – AMC is the original channel that the show airs on, when season 6 starts you can head over to their website to check for free streams.
  • Look for Official Streaming Sites – Sites like Netflix or Hulu occasionally have the new seasons available for streaming.
  • Sign Up For a Trial – Many streaming services provide free trials, so even if the season is not ordinarily free you still might be able to access it through a free trial.
  • Unauthorized Streaming Websites – Be careful when searching for sites that stream the show for free. Not all of them are safe and some may damage your computer with viruses.

Stay Updated

In order to catch the new show for free, it is important to stay up to date on news related to official streaming sites and free trials. You can also check social networks for updates from fans and search for articles from reliable news sources.

Catch The Season 6 Premiere!

The Walking Dead Season 6 is finally here. Use the tips above and you can be sure to catch it for free! With a little patience and some savvy searching, you will be able to enjoy the new season without having to dish out any dough.