What Are the 4 Extras on Sling Tv?

Nearly 70% of streaming service users say that customizable content is key to their satisfaction, and you're likely part of that majority. Sling TV's response to this desire for personalization comes in the form of its four extra packages: Kids Extra, Comedy Extra, News Extra, and Lifestyle Extra.

Each of these add-ons caters to distinct viewing preferences, allowing you to tailor your subscription to what you actually watch. Whether you're looking for the latest news updates, a good laugh, family-friendly programming, or lifestyle content to inspire your next project, these extras seem to have you covered.

But what exactly does each package offer, and are they worth your additional investment? Let's unwrap the layers of Sling TV's offerings to uncover how they might change the way you engage with your favorite pastime.

Key Takeaways

  • Sling TV offers four extra add-ons: Comedy Extra, Kids Extra, Sports Extra, and News Extra.
  • These add-ons enhance the base package by providing additional channels and content tailored to specific interests and age groups.
  • The Comedy Extra add-on offers networks like MTV and TruTV and includes comedic content such as stand-up specials and sitcoms.
  • The Kids Extra add-on adds variety to family-friendly channels and includes channels like Disney Junior, Nick Jr., and Boomerang.

Comedy Extra Add-On

For an additional fee, the Comedy Extra Add-On on Sling TV offers a variety of networks like MTV and TruTV, providing a wealth of comedic content, from stand-up specials to sitcoms, that complements your base package. When you consider enhancing your viewing experience, this add-on is a perfect choice, especially if laughter is what you're after. It's available to tack onto both Sling Orange or Sling Blue, ensuring you don't miss out on your preferred comedic tastes.

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Delving into the specifics, the Comedy Extra enhances your channels on Sling TV by including favorites such as the Game Show Network and MTV2. This expansion brings sitcoms, game shows, and stand-up acts right into your living room. It's tailored for those with a penchant for humor, offering a diverse array of comedy-driven programming.

With Sling TV's price structure, the value of the Extras Deal becomes apparent. For just $6, you're not only getting the Comedy Extra, but you can also explore more TV features with additional packs like the Extra, which includes BBC World, HDNet Movies, and Sundance TV. This is alongside the possibility to indulge in select IFC Films, rounding out a robust entertainment package.

Kids Extra Add-On

While the Comedy Extra Add-On caters to your laughter, the Kids Extra Add-On ensures that younger viewers have their share of fun and learning with an array of child-centric channels on Sling TV. As a subscriber, you'll find that this add-on significantly enhances the content available to your family, providing both educational and entertaining options for children.

The Kids Extra Add-On is compatible with various Sling TV packages, whether you're on Sling Orange or Sling Blue. It's designed to complement the existing lineup of family-friendly channels like Cartoon Network, which is included in the base packages, by adding even more variety.

Here's a quick comparison of what the Kids Extra Add-On offers:

Channels Included Ideal For
Disney Junior Preschoolers
Nick Jr. Early Learners
Boomerang Classic Cartoon Lovers

These additional channels ensure that your kids have access to a wide range of shows that cater to different interests and age groups. As with all things Sling TV, adding the Kids Extra to your subscription is hassle-free, allowing you to tailor your live TV streaming services to your family's needs.

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Sports Extra Add-On

Diving into the Sports Extra Add-On, you'll unlock a treasure trove of channels like NBA TV and NHL Network, enhancing your sports viewing with comprehensive coverage from college games to international competitions. This add-on is a game-changer for you if you're a sports fan, providing a plethora of additional sports content that tailors to your preferences whether you're subscribed to Sling Orange or Sling Blue.

With the Sports Extra package, you get more than just the basics. For instance, the NFL Network is included, perfect for keeping up with all the action during football season. Baseball enthusiasts will appreciate MLB Strike Zone, which offers highlights and updates. Meanwhile, the PAC-12 Network brings you closer to college sports, and the Tennis Channel serves up grand slams all year round.

Golf aficionados aren't left out either; the Golf Channel is part of the lineup. And if you're looking for comprehensive college sports coverage, the ACC Network has you covered. For those who crave every touchdown from every game on Sundays, NFL RedZone is an essential upgrade within the Sports Extra. This add-on truly rounds out your Sling TV plans, ensuring you'll never miss a moment of the action.

News Extra Add-On

Expanding your world view and staying informed on global events is effortless with Sling TV's News Extra Add-On, offering a spectrum of channels including BBC World News and The Weather Channel. This channel add-on enhances your ability to stream live television with a focus on timely news coverage. You're not just getting the headlines; you're diving into a multitude of perspectives and analyses that keep you at the forefront of worldwide happenings.

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The News Extra doesn't just add breadth to your news intake; it's about depth as well. Channels like Bloomberg Television offer you economic insights and business trends, while Newsmax brings alternative news sources to your screen. With this add-on, you're not limited to the generalist channels that come with basic packages. Instead, you're unlocking a door to diverse and specialized content.

When you add the News Extra to your Sling TV subscription, you're choosing to be informed. It's a deliberate step beyond the Lifestyle Extra, Hollywood Extra, and even the Heartland Extra, pinpointing your interest squarely on current events. It's an acknowledgment that knowing more means understanding better, and with this comprehensive channel lineup, missing out on crucial stories is a thing of the past.