What Channel Are The Espys On

Are you a sports fan eagerly anticipating the annual ESPY Awards? Do you want to know where to tune in to catch all the action? Well, look no further! In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to watch the ESPYs, including the channel and streaming options.

The ESPY Awards, also known as the Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Awards, are an annual event celebrating the best athletes, teams, and moments in sports. The awards show features a star-studded lineup of presenters and performances and is a must-watch for any sports enthusiast.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of basketball, football, baseball, or any other sport, the ESPYs have something for everyone. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the details of where to find the ESPYs on TV.

Understanding the ESPY Awards

The ESPYs are on tonight, so don’t miss out on all the excitement! The ESPY Awards is an annual sports awards show that recognizes individual and team athletic achievement and other sports-related performances. The acronym ESPY stands for Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly.

The awards ceremony is usually held in July and is broadcasted on ESPN.

The ESPYs have been known to create winners and controversies. Some of the most memorable moments include the announcement of Caitlyn Jenner as the Arthur Ashe Courage Award recipient, which was met with both praise and backlash. Another controversial moment was when Michael Sam was awarded the Arthur Ashe Courage Award for being the first openly gay player drafted in the NFL.

The ESPYs are also known for athletes’ fashion choices, with many players dressing in stylish and unique outfits that make headlines.

History of the ESPYs

You may be wondering where to catch the annual awards ceremony that honors athletic achievements. The ESPY Awards are broadcasted on ESPN, which is available on most cable and satellite TV providers. You can also stream the show live on the ESPN app, which can be downloaded on your smartphone or tablet. In case you miss the live show, you can catch the re-airing on ESPN2 or watch the highlights on the ESPN website.

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The ESPY Awards have been around since 1993 and have showcased some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment. Over the years, the show has had some memorable moments, including emotional speeches, comedic skits, and surprise celebrity attendees. Some of the most notable moments include Jim Valvano’s inspiring speech about never giving up, Caitlyn Jenner’s acceptance of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award, and Justin Timberlake’s hilarious opening monologue.

Whether you’re a sports fan or just love a good awards show, the ESPYs are definitely worth tuning in to catch some unforgettable moments.

Finding the ESPYs on TV

Looking for a way to catch all the excitement of the annual ESPYs awards ceremony honoring athletic achievements? Check out ESPN, available on most cable and satellite TV providers, or stream the show live on the ESPN app.

The network has been broadcasting the ESPYs since its inception in 1993, and you can count on ESPN to bring you the latest in sports news and analysis, as well as entertaining and inspiring stories of athletes from around the world.

If you’re looking for the TV schedule for the ESPYs, be sure to check your local listings or the ESPN website for the most up-to-date information.

Cable providers such as Comcast, Time Warner, and Charter all offer ESPN as part of their basic cable packages, making it easy to tune in and catch all the action.

So whether you’re a die-hard sports fan or just a casual observer, be sure to tune in to the ESPYs and celebrate the accomplishments of the world’s greatest athletes.

Streaming the ESPYs Online

Don’t miss out on all the excitement of the annual ESPYs awards ceremony by streaming it live on the ESPN app! With so many watching options available these days, you can easily catch all the action from the comfort of your own home.

Here are some streaming services you can use to watch the ESPYs online:

  • ESPN+: This is a paid subscription service that allows you to stream live sports events, including the ESPYs. You can subscribe for a monthly or yearly fee, and cancel anytime.

  • Hulu + Live TV: This is a streaming service that offers live TV channels, including ESPN. You can watch the ESPYs live on your computer, phone, or TV with your Hulu subscription.

  • Sling TV: This is another streaming service that offers live TV channels, including ESPN. You can watch the ESPYs live on your computer, phone, or TV with your Sling subscription.

  • YouTube TV: This is a live TV streaming service that includes ESPN in its channel lineup. You can watch the ESPYs live on your computer, phone, or TV with your YouTube TV subscription.

  • DirecTV Now: This is a live TV streaming service that offers a variety of channels, including ESPN. You can watch the ESPYs live on your computer, phone, or TV with your DirecTV Now subscription.

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With all these options, you won’t have to miss a single moment of the ESPYs. Simply choose the streaming service that works best for you and enjoy the show!

Highlights from Past ESPYs

If you’ve ever teared up at an underdog story or felt inspired by a powerful speech, the highlights from past ESPYs will tug at your heartstrings. The ESPYs have been honoring outstanding athletes and their achievements since 1993, and over the years, there have been countless memorable moments and standout performances.

From Muhammad Ali receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award in 1997 to Jim Valvano’s iconic speech in 1993, the ESPYs have celebrated not only athletic excellence but also the human spirit.

One of the most emotional moments in ESPYs history was in 2018 when the survivors of the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal received the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. Aly Raisman, Sarah Klein, and Tiffany Thomas Lopez delivered a powerful speech that brought the audience to tears and raised awareness for the need for change in the sports industry.

Other highlights from past ESPYs include Jimmy V’s speech, Stuart Scott’s inspiring fight against cancer, and the 1999 US Women’s Soccer Team winning Team of the Year.

If you want to relive these unforgettable moments or discover new ones, be sure to tune in to the ESPYs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is hosting the ESPYs this year?

This year’s ESPYS will be hosted by comedian Tracy Morgan. Previous hosts have included Peyton Manning, Joel McHale, and Danica Patrick. Tune in to witness top moments from past ESPY hosts and the latest red carpet fashion.

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What is the dress code for attending the ESPYs?

Are you wondering whether to dress casually or formally for the Espys? It’s a formal event, so opt for a suit or cocktail dress. Check out top fashion moments on the red carpet for inspiration.

How are the winners of each ESPY category determined?

To determine the winners of each ESPY category, judges consider various criteria such as athletic performance, sportsmanship, and career achievements. Additionally, fan voting is taken into account for certain categories, including Best Play and Best Team.

Who are some of the most memorable celebrity presenters at past ESPYs?

Discover the best celebrity presenters at past ESPYS, from Justin Timberlake to Samuel L. Jackson. Memorable moments include John Cena’s hosting, Michelle Obama’s appearance, and David Beckham’s acceptance speech.

Are there any events or activities associated with the ESPYs for fans to participate in?

Looking to engage with other fans at the ESPYS? You’re in luck! The event offers a variety of interactive experiences, from photo opportunities with athletes to virtual reality simulations. Don’t miss out on the fun!


In conclusion, you now have a better understanding of the ESPY Awards and where to find them on TV or online.

The ESPYs have a rich history of honoring the most outstanding athletes, coaches, and teams in the sports world.

From Michael Jordan’s emotional speech in 1999 to the unforgettable moment when Caitlyn Jenner received the Arthur Ashe Courage Award in 2015, the ESPYs have provided some of the most memorable moments in sports history.

Whether you choose to watch the ESPYs on television or stream them online, you can be sure that you will witness some of the biggest names in sports come together to celebrate the best of the best.

So, mark your calendars and get ready to witness the glitz and glamour of the ESPYs. Who knows, you might even witness a historic moment that’ll be talked about for years to come.