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What Channel is MavTV on Comcast?

MavTV is a channel available on several different providers in the US, including Comcast. If you have Comcast as a provider, you may be wondering what channel is MavTV on in your area.

MavTV Channels on Comcast

Comcast offers a variety of packages, and the MavTV channel is available on most of them. The most widely available channel is:

  • MAVTV: Channel 238 (HD)

If you have a different package from Comcast, you may also have access to other MavTV channels, such as:

  • MavTV Motorsports: Channel 271 (HD)
  • MavTV Racing: Channel 622 (SD) and 623 (HD)

You may also have access to channels like MavTV Garage and Motorsports Network.

What comes with MavTV on Comcast?

With MavTV on Comcast, you’ll have access to a variety of motorsports programming. That includes races, documentaries, and feature films. You can also watch on-demand movies and exclusive shows like the Pit Stop and Rush to the Races.

And if you have the X1 DVR, you can even record events to watch later.

How to get MavTV on Comcast?

If you have Comcast and want to watch MavTV, you’ll need to make sure you’re subscribed to a package that includes the channel. You can check which packages are available in your area here.

If you already have a package but don’t have access to MavTV, you can add it as an additional channel. Once you’ve done that, you can start watching all the great motorsports programming MavTV has to offer.


Comcast offers MavTV as part of several packages, so you can easily add it to your current one or switch to a new one if you’re looking for more motorsports content. With MavTV, you can get access to races, documentaries, and feature films, as well as exclusive shows. So get started today and start enjoying all the great programming MavTV has to offer.

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