What Channel Is The Big Ten Network On Directv

Are you a die-hard fan of Big Ten sports and wondering what channel the Big Ten Network is on DirecTV? Look no further, as we have got you covered.

The Big Ten Network is a popular sports television network that airs various sporting events, including football, basketball, volleyball, and many more. If you are a DirecTV subscriber, you can easily access this network and watch your favorite Big Ten teams in action.

DirecTV offers various subscription packages that you can choose from, depending on your preferences and budget. Each package comes with a different channel lineup, and you can customize your package to include the channels you want.

The Big Ten Network is included in some of these packages, but not all. Therefore, it is essential to know which package includes this network, so you can watch your favorite Big Ten games without any hassle.

In this article, we will guide you on how to find the Big Ten Network on DirecTV and troubleshoot any issues that you may encounter along the way.

Understanding the Big Ten Network

The Big Ten Network can be found on DIRECTV, but it’s important to understand the network’s programming and content before tuning in. The Big Ten Network is a sports channel that primarily focuses on the athletic programs of the Big Ten Conference member schools.

It features live coverage of various collegiate sports such as football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, and many more. Apart from live game broadcasts, the Big Ten Network programming also includes analysis, highlights, and feature stories related to Big Ten athletics.

You can also catch pre-game and post-game shows, coach and player interviews, and various sports-related documentaries. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of a specific Big Ten team or just enjoy watching college sports in general, the Big Ten Network’s sports coverage is sure to keep you entertained and informed.

DirecTV Subscription Packages

You can find the package that includes the Big Ten Network on DirecTV by exploring their subscription options. DirecTV offers a variety of pricing options to fit your budget and preferences.

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Here are some things to keep in mind when looking for the right package:

– DirecTV offers multiple packages that include the Big Ten Network, including the CHOICE, ULTIMATE, and PREMIER packages.
– The CHOICE package starts at $69.99 per month and includes over 185 channels.
– The ULTIMATE package starts at $84.99 per month and includes over 250 channels, including premium channels like HBO and Showtime.
– The PREMIER package starts at $134.99 per month and includes over 330 channels, including all premium channels and NFL Sunday Ticket.
– You can also add sports packages, such as the Sports Pack, to your subscription to gain access to additional sports channels and events.

By exploring DirecTV’s pricing options and available channels, you can find the package that includes the Big Ten Network and other channels that meet your entertainment needs. Keep in mind that pricing and availability may vary based on your location and current promotions, so it’s always a good idea to check with DirecTV directly for the most up-to-date information.

Channel Lineup for DirecTV

To see what’s available on DirecTV, check out their lineup for a comprehensive list of channels. The channel lineup for DirecTV includes various packages and pricing options to fit your needs.

The basic package includes over 155 channels, while the premier package includes over 330 channels. The Big Ten Network is included in many of the packages offered by DirecTV, including the basic and premier packages. However, to ensure that you have access to the Big Ten Network, check the channel lineup for the specific package you’re interested in.

With DirecTV, you can choose the package that best fits your needs and budget, and enjoy access to a wide range of channels, including the Big Ten Network.

Finding the Big Ten Network on DirecTV

If you’re a fan of college sports, it’s worth noting that DirecTV offers a variety of packages with access to over 330 channels. Some packages even have over 200 HD channels.

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However, finding the Big Ten Network on DirecTV can be a bit tricky. The channel availability of the Big Ten Network on DirecTV varies depending on your location and package.

To find the Big Ten Network on DirecTV, you can use the channel lineup guide provided by DirecTV. This guide will show you which channels are available in your area and which packages include the Big Ten Network.

If the Big Ten Network is not available in your area or package, you can consider alternative providers such as Dish Network or streaming services like Sling TV or Hulu Live TV. Keep in mind that some of these alternative providers may require a separate subscription or additional fees to access the Big Ten Network.

Troubleshooting Tips for Accessing the Big Ten Network

When experiencing difficulties with accessing the Big Ten Network, try resetting your television or streaming device to see if this resolves the issue. Often times, a simple reset can fix common issues such as freezing or buffering.

To do this, unplug your device from the power source and wait for at least 30 seconds before plugging it back in. If resetting your device does not work, another troubleshooting solution is to check your internet connection.

A weak or unstable connection can cause issues with streaming, so make sure your device is connected to a strong and stable network. You can also try restarting your router or modem to see if this helps.

If you continue to experience issues, try contacting your provider or the Big Ten Network for further assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Big Ten Network channels are available on DirecTV?

You may be wondering about the range of Big Ten Network programming on Directv. With various subscription options, you can access multiple channels and catch all the action from your favorite Big Ten teams.

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Can I access the Big Ten Network on DirecTV outside of the United States?

To watch the Big Ten Network on DirecTV outside of the US, you need a subscription to DirecTV’s international service. Availability may vary in Big Ten Network markets. Contact DirecTV for more information.

Is there a difference in picture quality between the standard and high-definition versions of the Big Ten Network on DirecTV?

Comparing picture quality on Big Ten Network DirecTV, upgrading to HD is worth it. You may think the difference is negligible, but HD offers sharper images and vibrant colors. Don’t settle for standard, upgrade for a better viewing experience.

Can I record Big Ten Network programs on my DirecTV DVR?

You can record Big Ten Network programs on your DirecTV DVR, as long as it is compatible with the network. Recording options are available for both standard and high-definition versions of the channel.

Are there any exclusive programs or events on the Big Ten Network that I cannot find on other sports channels on DirecTV?

You’ll find exclusive programming on the Big Ten Network that you can’t find on other sports channels. For example, they offer “The Journey,”a documentary series that follows Big Ten teams throughout their seasons.


Congratulations, you now know how to find the Big Ten Network on DirecTV! By understanding the channel lineup and subscription packages, you can easily locate the network and enjoy all the exciting sports action the Big Ten has to offer.

Remember, if you’re having trouble accessing the network, try troubleshooting tips such as checking your subscription package or resetting your receiver. With these tools at your disposal, you can stay up-to-date on your favorite Big Ten teams and never miss a game again.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to cheer on your team with the Big Ten Network on DirecTV.