What Channel Is The Big Ten Network On Directv

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What channel is Big Ten football on?

The gem of the new Big Ten TV deal will belong to NBC, which announced Thursday that it will be airing the biggest Big Ten football game of the week on Saturday nights starting in the fall of 2023.


If you are a sports fan and especially a fan of Big Ten college sports the Big Ten Network can be a great resource. But what channel is the Big Ten Network on Directv?

Where To Find The Big Ten Network On Directv

The Big Ten Network is available as part of the following Directv channel packages:

  • Directv Choice Package: Channel 613
  • Directv Xtra Package: Channel 608
  • Directv Ultimate Package: Channel 609
  • Directv Premier Package: Channel 610, 411 and 613

What You Can Watch On The Big Ten Network

The Big Ten Network is all about one of the greatest college sports conferences in the US, the NCAA Big Ten Conference. On the network you can find all types of college sports coverage from live game action to highlights and analysis. There is also original programming and plenty of news coverage.


If you are a fan of the NCAA Big Ten Conference the Big Ten Network on Directv is for you. You can find the network on a range of Directv packages depending on which one you subscribe to. You can watch all sorts of great programming from the Big Ten Conference on the network.