What Is Amazon First Reads

How do I read books for free with Amazon Prime?

How Do You Get Prime Reading? Prime Reading is one of the Amazon Prime benefits that all members get access to automatically. Thus, all you need to do to access Prime Reading is sign up for a Prime membership and access the service either on your Kindle or through the Kindle app.


Amazon First Reads is a program that gives Amazon Prime members the chance to download one Kindle book for free each month from a selection of six editors’ picks. It’s an excellent way to discover new authors and genres, as well as to get your hands on some great books without spending a penny.

How Does It Work?

Amazon First Reads is a monthly program. Every month, Amazon’s editors select six books for Prime members to choose from. Members can pick one of the books for free, and it will be added to their Kindle library. The books are available for download in both Kindle and Audible formats.

Benefits of Amazon First Reads

  • Discover new authors and genres
  • Download one book for free each month
  • Books available in Kindle and Audible formats
  • Easy access to new releases


  • How much does Amazon First Reads cost?

    Amazon First Reads is free for Amazon Prime members.

  • How often do new books become available?

    New books are available every month.

  • Can I keep the books I download?

    Yes, the books you download through Amazon First Reads are yours to keep.


Amazon First Reads is a great program for Amazon Prime members who want to discover new authors and genres without spending any money. With a new selection of books every month, it’s an easy way to get your hands on some great reads.

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