What Is At&T App Select


What is the AT&T app on Android?

myAT&T is your app to manage your AT&T account(s) where you need it, when you need it. Quickly view & pay your bill, set up autopay or get support when you need it.

What Is AT&T App Select?

AT&T App Select is an application store developed by AT&T, that offers applications certified for use by AT&T customers. The store allows users to find, download, and install applications from the web or their mobile phones.


AT&T App Select provides users with a convenient way to find and install apps. With its library of certified apps, users are assured that the apps they install are tested, secure and compatible with the devices they use.


The following is a list of features offered by AT&T App Select:

  • Search: the store provides users with the ability to search for apps based on keywords.
  • Rating and Reviews: users can rate and review the apps they use.
  • Accessibility: users can use the store to access their AT&T account content.
  • Compatibility: AT&T App Select ensures that any apps it features are compatible with AT&T devices.
  • Updates: notifications within the store to alert users when new updates or versions of an app are available.


AT&T App Select is a convenient application store that offers customers access to apps that are secure and compatible with their AT&T devices. With its powerful search capability and reviews system, AT&T App Select is a great way for users to find the apps they need.