When Is Miss America 2019 On Tv

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Will Miss America 2022 be televised?

Miss America used to be a broadcast, televised event on NBC. Then in 2021 for the Miss America 2022 show, it moved to streaming only via Peacock for the first time.

When Is Miss America 2019 On TV

The Miss America 2019 competition is scheduled to film live from Atlantic City, NJ on Sunday, September 9th. This high-profile event will be broadcast live on ABC at 9PM ET/8PM CT, for fans to enjoy all the glitz and glamour of the world-famous Pageant.

History of Miss America

The Miss America pageant first premiered in 1921 in Atlantic City as a way to extend the tourist season. It has since grown to be an iconic event taking place annually and broadcast on television. The competition consists of three main events where contestants show off their talents, poise, intelligence, and grace.

Expectations for Miss America 2019

This year’s event is sure to be no different in showcasing young women with inspiring stories and impressive talents.

Miss America 2019 will include the following segments:

  • Swimsuit: the traditional swimsuit portion of the competition
  • Evening Wear: contestants will show off their best evening attire
  • Talent: a 7-10 minute display of the contestant’s unique talent
  • On-Stage Interview: judges will evaluate contestants on their presence and confidence in answering questions

The Miss America 2019 competition promises to be an evening of compelling entertainment and surprise. Fans can tune in to see who will be crowned the new Miss America 2019 on Sunday, September 9th at 9PM ET/8PM CT on ABC.