Who is the crazy one in Behind Her Eyes?

Rob is literally behind Louise’s eye… a.k.a. the final twist at the end of the show. Furthermore, the green aura lingers over David, because Rob is so obsessed with keeping his eyes on David and keeping him all to himself.

Who is the villain in Behind Her Eyes?

Rob was – as far as the show told us – the only LGBTQ+ character. So, by revealing him to be the villain of the piece, Behind Her Eyes was wading into murky waters. His sexuality was not inconsequential to Rob’s “bad guy” role in the show’s finale twist.

Why does Louise have night terrors in Behind Her Eyes?

The night terrors Louise has every night that incorporate her mother’s death and her fears about something terrible happening to Adam. The memories Adele has of the time she spent in a mental hospital after a tragic accident in her past, and of the close friend she made there, heroin addict Rob (Robert Aramayo).

Is Behind Her Eyes creepy?

Is Behind Her Eyes scary? Behind Her Eyes isn’t a horror, but it is a psychological thriller, meaning that there are definitely some spooky elements to it. Speaking about the show, Tom Bateman – who plays David – told Heart.co.uk: “I think they [the viewers] can expect the unexpected.

What is David’s Secret in Behind Her Eyes?

In one episode, David told Adele that he wanted a divorce because he couldn’t carry on with their miserable, loveless relationship. Adele told him that wasn’t an option and reminded him of the dark secret they shared about Rob’s death. That threat made it clear that David was trapped in the marriage and couldn’t leave.

Is Rob in love with David Behind Her Eyes?

Rob’s crush on David
Actually, it’s clear now he was in love with her life, and obsessed with wanting to be her. From the first time he meets David, Rob’s crush on him is clear. Some might perceive it as jealousy, but as far as longing stares go there is an absolute romantic vibe between them.

Who started the fire in Behind Her Eyes?

More than once it’s suggested that either Adele or David started the fire at Fairdale, her family’s estate. Eventually, we learn that Adele was astral projecting when it happened and feels that if she hadn’t been having her out-of-body experience, she would have been able to save her parents.

What happens to Adam in Behind Her Eyes?

The series ends shortly after Rob tricks Louise into leaving her body via astral projection so that he can inhabit it and get his happily ever after with David. In the final shot, David and Rob-Louise are seen riding off with Louise’s son, Adam, after a quickie marriage at the courthouse.

Will there be a season 2 of Behind Her Eyes?

‘Behind Her Eyes’ Season 2 Cast Member Predictions
Tom Bateman and Simona Brown will most likely return as Dr. David Ferguson and Louise, as well as Robert Aramayo as Rob and Tyler Howitt as Adam.

Does David know about Rob?

At the end, viewers discovered Adele’s friend Rob had used astral projection to switch bodies with her. This meant he was able to pursue a relationship with David, without him knowing who he really was. Adele came across as a very unusual character, who had clearly suffered from poor mental health.

What happened at End of pieces of her?

Grace killed Martin to protect Jane and her unborn child, Andy, and Nick knew the truth all along. That’s why Laura/Jane had been so afraid of Nick finding her — the entire case against Nick was built around Jane’s false testimony that she saw him give Grace the gun.

Will there be more to Behind Her Eyes?

Season 1 took four months to film (via What’s on Netflix), shooting from June 2019 to October 2019, and the show premiered 16 months later, in February 2021. If the same timeline holds up, that would put a season 2 premiere sometime in late 2022.

What are the pills for in Behind Her Eyes?

Why does Adele take pills in Behind Her Eyes? Well, she doesn’t actually take any pills most of the time but tries to fake taking pills when David’s watching. The pills make her feel less in control, so when possible she just fakes it. She’s much more into shooting drugs, which we later learn because Rob is an addict.

Do Louise and David end up together?

Louise is tricked into astral projecting, but the second she has left her body, Rob is able to move in, leaving Louise to die in the fire as Adele. Rob-as-Louise then marries David, inheriting Adele’s fortune in the process, and they drive off discussing honeymoon ideas, with Louise’s poor son Adam in the back seat.

What happens in Episode 2 of Behind Her Eyes?

Behind Her Eyes episode 2 then treats the audience to a flashback; Adele is with Rob on a tree, and a nurse named Marj tells Adele that David is on the phone. She tells David that she’s met a new friend called Rob. In the present day, Adele speaks to David, and she tells him that she’s allowed to be spontaneous.

What happened in Behind Her Eyes Episode 6?

Adele (in Louise’s body) heads into the house and tells Louise (in Adele’s body) that she would never let her have David — she grabs an injection and gives her another dose, so she overdoses. As Louise (in Adele’s body) closes her eyes, she says “Adam” and dies.

How many seasons of bodies are there on Netflix?

Bodies (TV series)

Original language English
No. of series 3
No. of episodes 17 (list of episodes)

What’s the best limited series on Netflix?

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  • Where was Behind Her Eyes filmed?

    Set and filmed in London, Brighton, and Scotland, Behind Her Eyes features an impressive house and several interesting locations. The story follows Simona Brown as Louise Bardsley (Kiss Me First, The Little Drummer Girl).

    What does limited series mean on Netflix?

    Netflix has a huge library of TV series in its Original lineup but some of the best entries are limited series. Also known as event series or mini-series, these shows only run for a single season seeking to tell their story in a succinct package.

    Is Behind Her Eyes fantasy?

    Sarah Pinborough’s Behind Her Eyes is an ambitious novel that combines genres, beginning as chick-lit, moving swiftly toward suspense and ending with a surprise fantasy bang … The story is told through an inventive use of two point-of-view protagonists.

    How many seasons are there of Behind Her Eyes?

    The main reason for this is due to Behind Her Eyes being based on a book, by author Sarah Pinborough. In its six episodes, the Netflix series has burned through all the plot of this novel, including its shocking and controversial body-switch ending.

    Is there an episode 7 of Behind Her Eyes?

    BBC Radio 4 – Book at Bedtime, Behind Her Eyes, Episode 7.

    Is you coming out with season 4?

    Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) goes abroad for the fourth season of stalking. Penn Badgley is back as Joe Goldberg for Season 4 of “You” on Netflix, and this time, the serial killer will be stalking on an international scale.

    Does Louise find out about Adele?

    1 She Lost Her Life
    By the final episode of the series, Louise realizes that Adele is not the person she pretended to be. She finds out that Adele has manipulated her, but even after knowing Adele’s true character, Louise went to help her after she sent Louise a text that suggested she was going to take her own life.