Why Does Netflix Ask Are You Still Watching

Can you make Netflix play continuously?

From a web browser, go to your Account page. Open the Profile & Parental Controls settings for the profile you want to use. Select Playback settings. Check Autoplay next episode in a series on all devices.


This question has become almost like a punchline these days, and it’s all thanks to Netflix. Are you still watching? Those familiar four syllables all represent procrastination and couch chill time, as well as an interesting feature on the world’s top streaming platform.

What is Are You Still Watching?

Essentially, after watching a few episodes of your favorite show, Netflix will ask you to confirm that you’re still watching in case you’ve fallen asleep or left the room while the show was playing. The feature is available on both televisions and mobile devices, and the timeout generally takes place around an hour or so into watching a show.

Why Does Netflix Ask?

Netflix implemented the “are you still watching” feature for two main reasons. Firstly, it’s a great way to ensure that the user wasn’t gone for a long period of time and further, that Netflix is controlling the viewing experience accurately. Secondly, the feature helps Netflix figure out their billing structure. If users are watching for too long, the company can make sure that their subscriptions are appropriately priced.

What Could This Mean for The Future of Binge Watching?

The “are you still watching” feature has some implications for folks who are looking to binge watch their favorite shows. Firstly, it doesn’t really impact the user experience, as the feature is easy to bypass if the user is still actively watching. The feature should also make sure that the user isn’t being charged more than they should be.

That said, it may have an effect on Netflix’s data analysis. After all, if users aren’t bypassing the “are you still watching” message, the company may be able to glean insights about their userbase’s viewing habits.


  • Q: What is “Are You Still Watching”?
    A: It’s a feature implemented by Netflix to ensure that users are either still viewing content, or that they’re not being charged more than necessary.
  • Q: Why did Netflix implement this feature?
    A: Netflix implemented this feature to control the viewing experience, and to ensure that users aren’t being unfairly charged.
  • Q: What implications could this have for binge watching?
    A: It won’t affect the user experience too much, but it could affect the data analysis that Netflix can do on its userbase’s viewing habits.


Whether you hate it or love it, the “are you still watching” feature has become a part of the Netflix culture. While it’s no surprise that Netflix has implemented this feature to ensure it’s getting paid, it should also make sure that their users aren’t overcharged for their viewing experiences.