Why isn’t On Stranger Tides on Disney plus?

Many “Pirates of the Caribbean” fans were surprised when they found out that Disney+ would not be releasing “On Stranger Tides.” This film was the fourth movie in the popular Pirates of the Caribbean series, and many people were looking forward to streaming it on Disney+. So far, Disney has not released a reason why this movie is not included in their lineup. 

Some theories abound as to why this might be. One theory is that it may have something to do with the fact that Disney+ will be focusing largely on its own content, rather than movies and shows from other studios.

Another possibility is that there may have been licensing issues with Paramount Pictures, which distributed the film. Still, many viewers are disappointed that they won’t be able to stream “On Stranger Tides” anytime soon.

why isn't on stranger tides on Disney plus?

Disney removes a lot of content from Netflix

Disney has been removing a lot of its content from Netflix in order to create its own streaming service. This includes popular movies like “Moana” and “The Lion King,” as well as TV shows like “House of Cards” and “Stranger Things.”

Some industry analysts believe that this is a sign that Disney is preparing to launch its own other streaming services, which would compete with Netflix. Disney has not yet confirmed this, but it seems likely that such a service is in the works.

Netflix has been struggling in recent years, as more and more people are switching to streaming services. So far, the company has been unable to replicate its early success in the area.

Disney’s decision to remove its content could be a sign that the company is planning to make a major push into the streaming market. If this is the case, it could be bad news for Netflix.

Removes popular movie On Stranger Tides from Netflix

Disney is removing On Stranger Tides from Netflix in order to promote its own streaming service, Disney+. This is a popular movie with a lot of fans, and many are upset that they will no longer be able to watch it on Netflix. Disney+ does not yet have the same wide selection of movies and TV shows that Netflix does, so this move is likely an attempt to draw subscribers to its new service.

In the upcoming years, Disney Plus members might notice that more of their favorite movies leave the service. According to Bloomberg, it’s possible that popular franchises like Star Wars would depart Disney Plus in 2026 and return to alternative services like Netflix. Of course, a contract between Disney and Netflix might prevent that from happening.

How the audience reacts to this decision

It causes the hatred of the fans of the wonderful world of Disney.

Some people are happy that they can watch the movie without having to pay for a movie ticket.

Others are disappointed that they have to go elsewhere to watch it.

Some people have even threatened to cancel their Disney+ subscriptions in protest.


Reasons not to add On Stranger Tides on Disney+

On Stranger Tides was not added to Disney Plus because of its licensing agreement with Turner Broadcasting. Turner Broadcasting owns the rights to the film or some various legacy deals and thus Disney is not able to add it to their streaming service.

Some people have speculated that it may have something to do with the recent acquisition of Fox by Disney, as Turner Broadcasting is now a subsidiary of Fox. However, there has been no confirmation or announcement from Disney about this.


Others believe that it’s simply because Disney wants more control over its content. Disney is a powerhouse in the entertainment industry and they have a lot of control over its content. They own ABC, ESPN, and a number of other networks. It’s possible that they don’t want to give up too much control to Netflix by adding “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” to their Disney Plus lineup.

No one knows for why the movie was removed, but it’s likely due to one of these reasons or some licensing deals.

If your favorite movie is not on Disney+

If you became upset this month when some of your favorite movies and TV shows vanished from Disney+, you are not alone. Disney fans discovered a significant list of classics that had been available on the streaming service at debut had been removed. but Disney gains much popularity due to other movies.

Discover your favorite show on Disney+

Browse the on-demand video categories on the channel to uncover compilations of beloved classics horror film just in time for the Halloween season, carefully chosen films honoring Queen Elizabeth, vintage Westerns, and much more. Also, take a look at the Starz networks’ live streams, which include Starz, Starz Comedy, Starz Edge, Starz Action, Starz Cinema, Starz inBlack, and Starz Kids & Family. Most of the shows is available on Disney vault.

Just before their “Investor Day” event on April 11, Disney revealed a handful of programs for Disney+ in April 2019. This contained documentary programs and licensed movies like Prop Culture, even though it was first dubbed Cinema Relics: Iconic Art of the Movies.

This program offers a distinctive perspective on well-known movies like Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, and Musketeers’ strange magic. A popular show shaggy dog was also a hit list of Disney. Details about a contract made between Disney and Netflix for films released between 2016 and 2018 were also made public.

Under this agreement, all films released during those three years would be added to Netflix in the United States about 6 to 8 months after their cinema release and would remain there for about 18 months before being taken down. Movies produced before 2016 are not included in and this starts from their release date. Disney owns many fans due to the world’s best movies and the audience likes Disney movies.


Given that Disney has been releasing its movies on their own streaming service, it is surprising that “On Stranger Tides” was not released on Disney Plus.

There could be a few explanations for this: perhaps Disney thinks that the movie did not perform as well as they had hoped and so they do not want to promote it any further; or maybe they are saving it for a special event or promotion.

No matter what the reason is, we will just have to wait and see if “On Stranger Tides” makes an appearance on Disney Plus in the near future.


  • Why wasn’t “On Stranger Tides” released on Disney Plus?

There could be a few explanations for this: perhaps Disney thinks that the movie did not perform as well as they had hoped on.

  • Will it make an appearance on Disney Plus in the near future?

Yes, it is likely that “On Stranger Tides” will make an appearance on Disney Plus in the near future. This is because Disney has been releasing its movies on their own streaming service, and “On Stranger Tides” was not released on Disney Plus.- Is there a possibility that it will be released at a later date?