Woods Vs Mickelson Ppv Cost

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Woods Vs Mickelson Pay-Per-View Cost

The highly anticipated match between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson is set for Friday, November 23, with fans around the world tuning in. But before fans can witness one of the biggest sporting events in recent years, they’ll need to pay for the experience.


The pay-per-view cost to watch the Woods Vs Mickelson match is set at $19.99. This is the price for all viewers around the world, regardless of location or provider.

What You Get

For that price, viewers will get the entire two-hour match coverage. Additionally, fans can enjoy a variety of interactive experiences, such as a virtual 18-hole course and virtual galleries for spectators. Additionally, those who pre-order will get access to additional content such as player interviews, highlights and videos.

Pre-Order opportunities

Those who pre-order will also get access to a variety of discounts and exclusive offers, such as an exclusive hat and other merchandise. The pre-order deadline is November 22, and those who miss it will still be able to order on the day of the match.


The pay-per-view cost of the Woods Vs Mickelson match is $19.99, and those who pre-order the match will get access to exclusive offers, discounts and additional content. You’ll be able to tune in on Friday, November 23, to watch the biggest sporting event of the year.