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How long is the YouTube TV free trial 2022?

60 Days In. YouTube TV (Free Trial)

YouTube – You Are Free, TV

YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing platform, which has been changing how people access and experience entertainment. Its rise to fame has now made it a popular alternative for viewers to enjoy TV for free without being tied to cable services or expensive streaming packages.

Introduction to YouTube’s Free TV

YouTube’s Free TV segment is built into the platform and offers users of the service access to thousands of TV channels, shows, movies, and documentaries. It is completely free to access many of these and all you need is your regular account. You can customize experiences by setting up custom lists of channels and content, which are then served up to you in the form of useful categories. You can get recommendations based on your interests and even access Live TV, though that channel may vary depending on where you are located.

Benefits of YouTube’s Free TV

  • Free and unlimited access to certain TV content
  • Recommendations to help you explore more content
  • Access to Live TV
  • Easier navigation with categories and lists
  • No sign up or subscription costs

FAQ About YouTube TV

Q. Is YouTube TV Free?

A. It depends on the content, but you can access many videos for free without any sign up or subscription costs.

Q. Is YouTube TV available Everywhere?

A. Live TV may vary depending on your location. Other content may be available worldwide though.

Q. How Can I Find Good Content?

A. YouTube TV offers content recommendation based on your interests. You can even browse through specific categories to find content that you like.


YouTube TV is a great way to access massive amounts of free content through the video sharing platform. With categories and customized lists, it is easier than ever to find TV shows, documentaries, and more without the hassle of signup costs or pricey packages. And with Live TV and content recommendation, you can find something to watch in no time!