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Is Zenon the Zequel on Disney plus?

Zenon: The Zequel | Disney+ When Zenon is assigned the lowly task of Alien Detection duty, she discovers that her space station is being decommissioned. Now, she must sneak down to Earth to try to stop it.


Zenon The Zequel is a Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) released in 2001 and is the sequel to Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century (1999). The movie follows Zenon, a 13-year-old girl living on a space station in the year 2049, as she races against time to save her space station from destruction.


Zenon’s space station is in danger when a comet is on its way to collide with the station and destroy it. In order to save the station, Zenon must obtain an ancient artifact known as the “Light of Zetinga,” which contains the power to divert the comet’s path. With the help of her friends Proto Zoa, Nebula and her parents, Zenon embarks on a wild race against time to collect the artifact. Along the way, she must deal with the villainous Klyensor and a botched plan by the military to save the station.


  • Zenon Kar – The young protagonist of the movie, an intelligent and resourceful girl living on a space station in the year 2049.
  • Proto Zoa – Zenon’s joker friend and an experienced space pilot.
  • Nebula Wade – Zenon’s loyal best friend.
  • Commander Plank – The leader of the station and Zenon’s father.
  • Harlan Band – A leader of the military forces and Zenon’s mother.
  • Klyensor – The main antagonist of the movie, a menacing alien bent on stopping Zenon from saving the station.

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Zenon The Zequel is available to stream on Disney+ and various other streaming services. So if you’re in the mood for a fun DCOM movie, grab some popcorn and watch Zenon The Zequel.