Chromecast Airplay Hack

Airplay lets you connect your iOS or macOS to your television. Google’s Chromecast plays the same role however in a slightly different version from airplay. Chromecast connects your device to the television, then uses its own connection to play whatever is on the screen of your device.

On the other hand, Airplay connects with your TV wirelessly to directly play from your device. Now, what if you have an iOS or macOS and want to connect and play via Chromecast? Well, we have a Chromecast airplay hack that we shall be sharing today, however before that, let’s get the basics. 

 What is Chromecast? 

During the summer of 2013, Google introduced Chromecast, a device that helps you mirror your android device to your television. It was more like Apple’s Airplay but, as discussed earlier, has a lot of differences in terms of functioning. For one, regulation by the apple app store makes it hard to use Apple devices with Chromecast. It is also obvious that Apple would prefer their clients to use their own product – Airplay. 

As much as you might want to keep away, as a consumer, you use the services of both companies interchangeably. Airplay fines just right until when you realize that Stadia, Google’s cloud-based streaming service is about to start and shall only be accessible on TV via Chromecast. 

It is also worth noting that some of the latest televisions come with a free-of-charge inbuilt Chromecast. Check the owner’s manual to confirm, lucky for you if you have Chromecast, you won’t have to buy one. 

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How do you do Chromecast from iPhone? 

After setting up Chromecast, and have your iPhone ready, it is now time to employ our Chromecast airplay hack. Now, while the good fellows at Google made an iOS application for Chromecast, it is way too basic and only allows you to do the settings for the chromatic device, to cut the long story short, the official iOS app version from google won’t serve you much when it comes to mirroring. To mirror iPhone to your television, you shall need one of the many mirroring apps. 

Chromecast can only be offered via third-party applications that have the Chromecast function programmed into it. There are a number of applications to choose from, here are a few. 

  • Netflix 
  • Spotify 
  • Google play movies and TV 
  • You tube 
  • BBC iPlayer 
  • BBC support 
  • BT sport 

The Process Of Chromecast Airplay Hack 

The process for this hack is the same across all the above apps. For this guide, we shall start by choosing one of the above applications. 

  • The first step is downloading the application of your choice 
  • After this, connect your iPhone to the same network as your Chromecast  
  • Now, on the application, check for the cast icon which shall be located on the top right corner of your screen 
  • Tap the Chromecast icon and choose your Chromecast device, if you only have one then it shall connect automatically. 

Once connected, the casting icon turns to blue and you can now access media from your phone on the screen. 

You can do all the controls from airplay while you watch on your screen. However, your device shall have to stay on and unlocked during cast time. 

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How Do You Chromecast on Mac 

What if you want to Chromecast to mac? Is the process similar to that of iOS above? No, the process is a bit different and easy, let’s go through it.  

  • First things first, to Chromecast on mac, you shall have to install google chrome browser. No other browser shall work for this. However, some websites support Chromecast and have a cast icon on the website itself. 
  • Next, browse for the media you want to watch on Netflix, youtube, or any app of your choice and start playing.  
  • Check for the cast icon on the top or bottom right side of your mac screen and click on it. 
  • Choose the Chromecast you need to use and let your cast complete the remaining set-up automatically 

For each, it can cast even when locked and you can still use other windows and tabs. 

What if the website you want to cast content from doesn’t support chromatic? Well, this is the reason you had to install a chrome browser initially. Here is the process of doing it. 

  • Click on the drop-down menu on the top left of your chrome browser. 

Navigate to ‘cast’ and select 

  • Select the chromatic device you want to use  
  • The cast icon shall display on your toolbar. If the connection was successful, it should turn blue. 

However, this method comes with a lot of limitations for video mirroring to your television from your mac using Chromecast. It works perfectly when mirroring text and image websites though. Some of the issues experienced with unsupported video mirroring include: 

  • Embedded videos shall mirror, however, the sound shall not be transferred and plays on your mac 
  • Upon enabling full-screen mode, the video stops playing on the television while it plays normally on your mac 
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Google isn’t to be blamed for this incompatibility issue. Website developers have the whole authority whether to enable, improve, or even block Chromecast on their site. That said, this method shall come in handy whenever you run out of options, especially for video-free websites or those which offer chromatic supported videos. 

For Hulu users, here’s all you need to know about chrome casting Hulu.

Chromecast Airplay Hack – Conclusion 

Whenever you want to use airplay with chromatic, you need not run out of options. The above discussed Chromecast airplay hack shall let you enjoy your favorite airplay media on your T.V. All you need is an application that supports chromatic function and follows the given steps to connect and enjoy your cast. 

In case you have a mac, remember Safari or any other browser apart from chrome shall not be of great help. Chrome browser casting from a mac using chromatic gives poor results with unsupported videos, however, it shall work perfectly with text and image websites. You are now ready to Airplay on chromatic, enjoy the process