Verizon Fios Double Play or Fios Gigabit Internet Special

Verizon Fios Double Play $49.99

Also available is the Verizon Fios Double Play for $49.99/mo no contract.  What you receive is 50/50 Mbps internet and Fios TV Local.

Verizon Fios Double Play





Verizon Fios Gigabit Internet /  Triple Play

Right now you can get Verizon Fios Gigabit connection for $79.99/mo for up to 1 year. The $79.99 includes the Triple play bundle. You can also get just the internet for $69.99/mo for a year. The speeds run up to 940 Mbps download and 880 Mbps upload.

Verizon Fios Double Play





Verizon Standalone Internet

If you do not need gigabit internet or extra TV services you can also sign up for $39.99 standalone internet.  Just scroll farther down the page and you could get 50/50 Mbps internet package for a year.

Verizon Internet Deals






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Verizon Cable and Internet Packages

Cable has come to mean sort of a generic term of offering people TV and internet as a package. Verizon is technically a Fios service using fiber optic to deliver you their various Triple Play, Verizon Fios Double Play and Standalone internet.  Some cable companies have also upgraded their service to use fiber optic but we still just call them Cable companies because of what the cord looks like coming into your house.  Either way, more competition is better and it forces the other companies to step up their game.

Verizon Fios Internet, TV and Phone – Triple Play


Whether you’re looking for faster internet or to simply futureproof your internet access, look no further than fiber optics. Verizon Fios Internet, TV and Phone services allows you to utilize all of the benefits of fiber optic technology at affordable rates, making the once techy fiber optic solution more easily attainable for the average American family.


150/150Mbps fiber optic internet

The Verizon Fios fiber optic network offers hyper-fast internet speeds that are more than double the national broadband average. Fiber optic internet’s very structure allows it to be faster than cable or DSL, which are restricted to the limitations of copper, especially when it comes to coverage over long distances. Fiber optic internet uses light as the means of data transfer and glass or plastic for the cables. This is a much more durable and twenty-first century solution to accessing the internet, since these components don’t degrade and aren’t susceptible to interference the way DSL and cable are.
Verizon Fios offers 150/150Mbps internet speeds. The reason this is revolutionary is because even though the top cable networks may be able to reach download speeds higher than the national average, the upload speeds they offer tend to be around 10-15% of the download speed. This means uploading large files like video or picture libraries can be extremely time consuming, making it very impractical for media professionals and others who work with large files. In the not-so-distant future, average American households will be hit with this same issue as file sizes get larger and larger and upload needs become more demanding, which is a huge benefit to Verizon Fios compared to cable companies.

Fios Custom TV

Fios Custom TV is another technologically savvy service offered in the Verizon Fios package. Unlike standard digital cable where you pay for all the basic channels plus packages containing premium channels, Fios Custom TV is more flexible. Whereas with cable, you can opt out of premium channels, but you can’t choose which basic channels you want and don’t want, Fios Custom TV allows you to opt of the types of channels you don’t want while still keeping the ones you do. For instance, if you’re not the sporty type, but you love history and documentaries, you can choose the channels you want to fit your tastes without having to pay for those you don’t want. All of this customization comes along with the pristine HD visual experience modern consumers expect in a quality TV service.

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Phone service

To round out the Verizon Fios package, Verizon offers a phone service. Calls are crystal clear and work just like a regular phone service, so it’s refreshingly straightforward.

Two package options

Verizon Fios currently offers to package options for Internet, Custom TV, and Phone service: a 2-year contract option and a no annual contract option. Both options come with a $500 credit to help you pay off any cancellation fees with your current service and they’re both priced the same for the first year. The 2-year contract version goes up in price by $5 after one year; however, it comes with a year of HBO and a year of multiroom DVR services for free. (Check out the F.A.Q. section below for a detailed explanation of the two options and a breakdown of pros and cons to help you decide which might be a better fit for you and your family.)

$500 credit

Both of the Internet, Custom TV and Phone bundle packages currently offered by Verizon Fios come with the perk of giving new customers a $500 credit, which they can use to pay any cancellation fees that might come up with their current provider when they make the switch to Verizon Fios.

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The pros

What to like:

  • Fiber optic internet is the fastest internet technology in the world
  • Fiber optic internet is considered a “futureproof” technology because it is state of the art and won’t be replaced in the foreseeable future
  • Verizon Fios internet reliability is rated at 99.9%
  • Verizon Fios offers internet speeds of 150/150Mbps
  • The upload speed is the same as the download speed—this is a feature you can’t get with DSL or cable, and is a huge benefit to people who regularly upload large files
  • Custom TV—pay for channels you want and opt out of channels you don’t
  • TV picture quality is in crystal clear HD
  • Reliable phone service
  • Two different Internet, Custom TV and Phone bundle options to choose from
  • Both bundles include the $500 cancellation fee credit
  • 2-year agreement bundle comes with additional features like free HBO and free multiroom DVR services for one year
  • 2-year agreement price only hikes $5 after the first year—minimal compared to many leading cable companies
  • The no annual contract bundle option is a great no-muss, no-fuss solution for those who don’t watch HBO or use DVR and comes with the same fast fiber optic internet
  • Consider Verizon Fios Double Play at $49.99 for an even more affordable option

The cons

What to consider:

  • The main con with Verizon Fios Internet, TV and Phone is that fiber optic services simply may not be available in your neighborhood yet, which is mainly because the technology is relatively new, as well as the need for new infrastructure to utilize it. That said, more and more cities are getting fiber optic access all the time, and with its massive rise in popularity, its availability should spread at least as rapidly as cable internet did in the previous decade—if not more so. If your area isn’t covered yet, you can talk to community leaders, local tech and business leaders, universities, and companies that offer fiber optic internet, like Verizon, about getting your area some coverage. A high level of demand will typically bring new technologies in general to your area, and this has historically been the case with fiber optic internet.
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Q. What is fiber optic internet?

A. Fiber optic internet uses light to transmit data instead of the copper cable technology that cable and DSL currently use. Light transmits larger amounts of data faster than cable ever can. And because the light runs through glass or plastic cabling, it’s not prone to issues like interference or other electromagnetic disturbances.

Q. What is the biggest benefit of fiber optic internet over cable internet?

A. Speed is the biggest benefit of fiber optic internet over cable internet. In August of 2016, reported that the average cable internet speed across the US passed the 50Mbps threshold for the first time. While this speed is a major milestone and huge boon for the US in general, it doesn’t even come close to touching the raw speed of fiber optic internet, which can reach speeds on a whole other magnitude. In most cases, for residential usage, fiber optic internet can be twice as fast as cable internet, exceeding speeds of 100Mbps. For home users, this typically surpasses their needs whereas cable internet speeds are starting to fail to meet residential user needs, because of our greater reliance on the internet, which only increases with time.
Another huge benefit to choosing fiber optic internet over cable internet is the fact that fiber optic is the current fastest internet technology in the world, and it will be for the foreseeable future. In the tech world, this concept is known as “future-proof”. Because fiber optics are just now being widely adopted and are in their infancy, and no faster technology is currently on the horizon, it means fiber optic internet is a “future-proof” option, since it is unlikely to be replaced any time this decade or even the next, and will more than meet your needs in the years to come.

Q. What is Fios Custom TV?

A. Verizon’s Fios Custom TV is a digital TV service that allows you to watch all the shows you love in brilliant HD resolution. How it differs from standard digital cable services is that Fios Custom TV allows you to opt out of channel types you don’t want and only pay for those you do. For instance, maybe you’re a movie fan, but you’re not really into history or military documentaries. With Verizon Fios Custom TV, you save money by only going for channels you regularly like to watch.

Q. What is the big deal about having the same upload and download speeds (150/150Mbps)?

A. One of the major things that sets Verizon Fios fiber optic internet apart from other high-speed internet providers, such as cable providers, is the fact that their download and upload speeds are the same. With cable providers, upload speeds are often markedly slower compared to download speeds, sometimes being roughly 10% of the download speed.
Download speeds dictate how fast your computer can stream television or download music from the internet. Upload speeds, however, determine how fast you can upload files to a cloud, for instance. Uploading small files like an English essay is quick no matter what upload speed you have, simply because they’re so small, any modern speed can handle them with ease. But for larger files, such as uploading video and pictures? This can take a very long time when your upload speed is only 12Mbps. With Verizon Fios, you get an upload speed of 150Mbps, which is a difference that video professionals and others who upload large files online will greatly appreciate, though your average family will also notice a huge difference in today’s media savvy world.

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Q. Does Verizon include the $500 credit towards covering any early cancellation fees with other networks with every Fios package?

A. Currently, Verizon offers two Verizon Fios Internet, TV and Phone packages. As of 2017, both packages include the $500 credit, which is intended to simplify the process of cancelling your previous service with your current provider.

Q. What are the differences between the 2-year contract and the no annual contract options?

A. While the price for the first year is identical on both package options, there are major differences to each of the packages that it’s important to be aware of before making your final decision between the two.
The first difference is that, obviously, the 2-year contract version requires a 2-year contract while the no annual contract option doesn’t. From a price standpoint, the upside of the no annual contract option is that the price remains the same. For the 2-year contract option, there is a $5 price hike after the 2-year contract period is over when you sign up for an additional 2-year contract; that said, there are benefits the 2-year contract option has that the no annual contract option simply doesn’t have.

With the no annual contract option, the only extra “perk” you get is the $500 credit towards cancellation fees with your current/previous provider. The 2-year contract option offers two major perks the other option doesn’t, namely: 1 year of free HBO (a $15/month value) and free multiroom DVR service for the first year.
If you don’t want HBO, and you don’t use a DVR, the no annual contract option will likely serve you well. However, if you are a fan of HBO’s programming, or if you’re a DVR user, you’ll likely want to go with the 2-year contract simply because of the amount of money you’ll save over the course of the year will really make fiscal sense for your needs. With the no annual contract option, HBO and DVR are included separately, so you’d be paying out of pocket for those straight out of the gate when you get both free with the contract option for a full year.

Q. How much does Verizon Internet cost per month?

A. Verizon internet costs $69.99 for Gigabit High Speed Internet or $39.99 for 50/50 Mbps Fios.

Q. How much is Fios TV?

A.  Currently Fios TV is available in a Triple Play bundle for $79.99.

Q. How much is Verizon Fios WiFi?

A. Additional $10 dollars per month to rent the Verizon Fios WiFi Router.

Final verdict

Verizon Fios makes accessing the benefits of fiber optic internet not only easy but also affordable. Both of the Internet, TV and Phone bundle options on offer provide customers with the same great benefits, such as 150/150Mbps internet, and the few key differences make it easy for customers to choose the best option for their needs. With hyper-fast future-proof internet, an upload speed that can’t be beat, and extreme reliability, I’d recommend Verizon Fios to anyone looking for an affordable fiber optic internet solution bundled with TV and phone. I would also recommend Verizon Fios Double Play for people who want just internet and local TV to pair with their streaming device.

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